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4-State Road Trip Recap - Day 6/7

Hold on to your crossbows, folks - this road trip is officially taking a turn into zombie territory - or "walkers", if you're a Walking Dead fan!

After taking our time working our way back through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we stopped for another visit with a longtime friend in Sylva, North Carolina before working our way back down into Georgia to the little town of Senoia - a suburb of the Atlanta area, and the location where most of the hit TV show The Walking Dead is filmed!

DAY 6 and 7 - Senoia, Georgia

If you know me at all, you know that this is where I geeked out! Not gonna lie - my husband actually asked me to maintain myself while we were in public. Internal squeals were abundant! We rolled into town just in time for dinner at Nic & Norman's - the restaurant owned by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus, and the site where most of the cast and crew like to eat, drink, and socialize during the filming season. Oh yes - I was more than a little happy just being here. I had already examined the menu before we arrived and immediately placed my order for a bison burger on a pretzel bun. Heaven! I was happy to see they had a cocktail using the Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine as well!

Nic & Norman's is situated on Main Street, which you may recognize as the town of Woodbury featured in The Walking Dead. Senoia has been the site of filming for quite a few popular movies as well, including Driving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Sweet Home Alabama!

We planned to visit The Woodbury Shoppe, which recently moved to a basement location in the same building they were previously in at ground level. Unfortunately, the store was closed so we had to make plans to return the next day. However, as we returned to our car, I took notice of something that you really couldn't miss. I knew that the show filmed in some rather "open" locations, but I didn't quite realize that the entire Alexandria set was right at the end of Main Street!

The next day, we made a quick run back for some shopping before getting back on the road to home We visited The Woodbury Shoppe AND Abraham's Army, a shop run by Abraham Ford cosplayer Chris Twellmann. Amazing merchandise between these two shops - not to mention killer photo ops and some original one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Don't miss the autographs all over the walls from the cast and crew who visit regularly!

Our next visit will absolutely involve a tour of the local filming sites - which there are plenty of! Unfortunately, we had to keep this trip to a time limit, which kept us from more Senoia exploration. However, on the way out, we did pass by one spot that made me giggle. If you're a fellow TWD fan, grab some pudding and pull up a shingle....

We are already working on plans for our next road trip north! What can I say - we like what we like! While there are plenty of places left to discover, right now we're all about what's accessible and what is currently on our "list" that is within reach. We have much more to circle back and discover along the path from Orlando to the general Tennessee area. Where would you like us to feature on our next trip? We're always open to ideas!

For a more visual recap of our 4-state road trip, check out our two-part video:

Part 1 (Days 1-2) & Part 2 (Days 3-7)

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