4th of July @ Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds!

Another Walt Disney World Resort checked off the list! For two nights, the 3rd and 4th of July, we enjoyed a simple stay-cation at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. Don’t get me wrong… we didn’t exactly “rough it” by going the tent route. We also don’t have access to an RV at the present time (on the list!). This left one option – the cabins! Basically, they are modified little trailers. Very cute… very cozy… very rustic… NICE.

During our stay, we finally took advantage of an event I have always wanted to check out – Chip and Dale’s Campfire Singalong, which is followed by the outdoor, evening movie. On this night, that was “Tangled”.

 Oh yeah, Dawn’s doin’ the Hokey Pokey. That IS what it’s all about, after all!

 Even Duffy got some chipmunk love.

 The campfire/movie corral.

 Campfire singalong dance hoedown.

It is not at all uncommon to see lots of varied wildlife representatives around the campgrounds. You hear more than you see, but every now and then, you can capture a local resident on film…

By our second day, we were thrilled to have our reserved golf cart available to us. We didn’t realize prior to our stay that it is practically impossible to get around the sprawling campground without one. No parking for cars at food/shopping/fun spots on site and the Disney bus system…. um…. NO.

We had the chance to check out the “swimmin’ hole” pool, with slide, after Kenny arrived to join the party. But, apparently, so did every other campground guest.

This led us to relocating to the simpler, but less crowded pool. This worked out just fine as Tony was quickly drawn right into a game of splash ball with a group of girls of varying ages. This quickly led Uncle Kenny to dubbing Tony “Rico Suave”.

After all the sunshine and pool time wore us all down, we jetted over to Trails End to pick up some chicken and pizza to go. While waiting for our 4th of July feast to be cooked, Gino and I checked out the vibrating foot massager, which weren’t very comfortable, to be honest!

Tony was just D-O-N-E.

And Kenny snuck off to buy some liquid rejuvenation from the gift shop.

After a rather abrupt decision by both Sierra and Gino’s mom to return home before the fireworks (those two just hate leaving their comfort zone when it comes to overnights), the rest of our night went like this:



champagne confetti poppers…

and snap pop wars…

And, that’s how we “rough it” Disney-style, on Independence Day!

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