A Birthday To Remember! (Part 3)

Ending our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge was really quite depressing, I must admit. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with leaving. I even briefly considered how long it would take the staff to find me and boot me if I did a really slinky job of hiding out around the resort. After all… we did see a guy sleeping on a lobby sofa in the middle of the previous night. Hmmm….

Okay, okay… I know I cannot live at Disney. But doesn’t it sound like a wonderful idea?

We capped off an exceptional week with another unique Disney activity – something Gino had really been wanting to do – and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We spent an hour boating around Bay Lake. Very cool and an absolutely gorgeous view all around. The photo opportunities were astounding!

What a perfect way to end a Disney staycation! Another view of the “other” side of Disney!

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