"A Christmas Carol" at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Reprint from original publishing on December 19, 2014

First published in 1843, Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is the epitome of a timeless classic. The retellings of this story are countless – on pages, in film, and of course… on stage. This year, Orlando Shakes has chosen to tackle the traditional favorite, and what they have created would certainly make Dickens proud! Orlando Shakespeare Theater was founded in 1989, in partnership with UCF. An intimate theater setting, Orlando Shakes delivers comfortable formality with professional flair. Known for high-caliber performances, Orlando Shakes sets the standard for dramatic arts in Central Florida. And the cast and crew of this year’s holiday production have served up a masterpiece in “A Christmas Carol”.

Written by Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s artistic director, Jim Helsinger, and directed by Michael Carleton, this stage adaptation is presented from the perspective of a small Victorian family, gathered together for a Christmas party, when the youngest member stumbles upon a book in the attic. That book is “A Christmas Carol”, and the family eagerly bands together to share the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, to the wonderment of the young boy – and the audience gathered rapt, ’round the stage.