A Contemporary Dream – Part 2: Amenities

Resort hotels at Walt Disney World include many unique amenities. The better the resort, the better the available activities and events (extras, in general). My kids always love grabbing the schedule and planning out their fun for the duration of their stay. Event offerings change daily. During our stay, the kids took advantage of as much as they could.

Almost immediately after checking in, they disappeared for a brief spell, emerging with these self-designed stuffed turtles…

Tony enjoyed a few rounds of Goofy Bingo, poolside…

Sierra opted for the “design your own drawstring backpack” activity. Some activities, such as this one, do involve an additional fee, but that is minimal ($10 for this one). Certainly worth it for the fun! She selected her backpack from four options, grabbed a handful of decorating tools, and set to work.

Almost all of the WDW hotels feature a nightly, outdoor movie. The Contemporary is no exception to this tradition. They show their movies on an inflatable, giant screen… usually near the pool in a grassy area between the main building and the new Bay Lake Tower. We were thrilled to discover that the featured movie on the first night of our stay was “Alice in Wonderland”. Gino and Sierra took advantage of the lawn chairs that were set up. Tony and I just threw a giant blanket out across the grass for maximum relaxation under the stars…

Some of the amenities come at a higher price, but a splurge is sometimes simply mandatory. Those who know me well know that I am not usually one to spend frivolously. However, when I saw the extravagance of the room we were staying in (complete with luxurious robes), I told Gino that I was going to break my thrifty spell for a “Pretty Woman”-type moment. I wanted to order strawberries and chocolate from room service and indulge myself while decked out in my plush robe. Mission accomplished….

 Even the bowl containing the chocolate was MADE of chocolate!!

Of course, not all room service options were completely self-indulgent. We actually found delivered meals to be relatively fair, and a better alternative to on-site restaurant dining. Tony turned into a mini-Hefner as we lured him from bed for Mickey waffles… in his robe. 🙂

If you wander into the main building, you’ll find loads of options for dining (quick service/snack, sit-down, character experiences, bar, and a market) and shopping, as well as an impressive, state-of-the-art arcade!

 And… if you focus REALLY hard on a goal, you too can cash in your arcade tickets for valuable prizes… like a super-sized slinky??

When all is said and done, kids will be kids, and regardless of the awesomeness of their surroundings, or the hoopla of offered events, sometimes it’s just as simple as a round of hide and seek to put smiles on their faces…

We also thoroughly enjoyed the most simple amenity of all… the many choices of beds in which to sleep! 🙂

PART 3……….

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