A Galactic Encounter @ Orange County Regional History Center

My people have been to the History Center in Downtown Orlando before, but I have not. When we heard they were having a special event, my adult female got giddy beyond all reason. I didn’t understand the terms she used – stormtroopers, Vader, R2 units… all Greek to me… but I was soon to be introduced to the world of Star Wars. 

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a Droid parade! This motley crue of creatures was quite an adorable sight!

After the parade, we entered the center, and were greeted by these creepy guys… and someone named Vader!

Among the four levels of exploration, they had two special event exhibits. The Star Wars fun was a two day event randomly smattered throughout the place, but all year long, they’ve been paying tribute to Universal Studios as well, in the form of a special, seasonally changing exhibit. Currently, it’s focusing on Halloween Horror Nights, and its’ 23 years of frights. It gave me a nice preview as to what to expect when we go this year. All my people will tell me is that the adult woman is a big baby. After seeing some of this, I’m tucking my tail a bit too!

As for the rest of the History Center, it’s divided into themed segments, floor-by-floor. Piece by piece, you get to watch as Central Florida comes to life over the years. They have a nice collection of informative plaques, and they’re smart enough to make them colorful, eye-catching and interesting (this way, uncultured primates like me even take an interest). The History Center brings to life the reality of what the now-bustling Orlando area once was, pre-Disney – from Native Americans who once settled the area, to the pioneering Crackers; from the famed orange groves that made Florida agriculturally great to the natural disasters that have plagued the region – even a recreation of the notorious courtroom of serial killer Ted Bundy’s arraignment. Of course, there’s a special section devoted to the “Disney effect”. 

The Orange County Regional History Center has high-quality, diverse permanent exhibits, as well as appealing, modern temporary exhibits. Topping it off, they deserve much applause for the coming flurry of relevant, fun, interactive special events! All of the variety makes it worthwhile to consider membership! Personally, I’m rather intrigued by the upcoming Retro Game Night event! Wonder if that’ll include Donkey Kong?!

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