A New Game is Coming to Town – Orlando Escape Game

It’s the latest craze in Orlando, and there will soon be a new player in town. Escape Game Orlando will join The Great Escape Room, It’s A Trap!, and Escapology – posing a challenge unique to this bustling town of theme parks and outlet malls. While many are waiting to access attractions, escape rooms find you scrambling to get out of them!

I’ve become a huge fan of the escape room game, and I’m excited to see what Escape Game Orlando will bring to the table. Escapology appears to be leading the pack here in town, and they’ve set the bar high. What seems to be defining the success of these attractions are the themes they employ, and I have to admit – Escape Game Orlando has intriguing ideas in the works!

I recently spoke with Escape Game Orlando’s Catie Benenson, who was happy to share a few details behind the new attraction, tentatively set to open in the heart of International Drive this March. 

This will be the company’s second location, with the first becoming an instant success in Nashville. The Orlando location will share two of Nashville’s most popular themes, plus entirely uniquely themed rooms as well – six rooms in total, to be exact! “Our founders have played games from this genre all around the world and designed fully original games for both of our locations”, Benenson said.

Two of the new concepts coming to Escape Game Orlando are The Orlando Escape Room and one (as of yet unnamed) based on a prison break theme. 

“The Orlando Escape Room will be a tribute to the city of Orlando. Players will find themselves immersed in some popular Orlando themes while they try to escape from this fun room”. While the prison break challenge will pose a darker scenario – “players will find themselves forced challenged to think outside the box while trying to escape from this old school prison”.

Located on the corner of Sand Lake Road and International Drive, at the new I-Shops center, Escape Game Orlando has claimed prime real estate in a rapidly expanding area that lures locals and tourists alike. They’ve got everything in line to become a force to be reckoned with, and I’m anxious to see what awaits us when the new game opens its doors. I plan to follow this one closely, as I’m always up for new challenges. Hit me with your best shot – Escape Game Orlando!

Visit Escape Game Orlando on Facebook, Twitter, or on the Web for more information and updates!

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