Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort

The Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort is one of the seven Disney Springs Resort Hotels. Though not necessarily Disney-named, they are official Walt Disney World hotels, and they carry many of the same benefits, without the added expense that accompanies the Disney branding. Room size, property quality and level of service are all equivalent to the Disney-branded resorts, but the savings on the room rates add a respectable level of value to your stay… especially when you consider the frequent specials offered by the collection of resorts in this zone. The Best Western LBV has a prime location – within walking distance of Disney Springs, and reasonably close to off-property shopping and dining options as well. For those looking to venture beyond Disney property, I-4 is very quick and easy to access too! Continuous, complimentary shuttle service provides transportation throughout the various locations within the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Best Western LBV lobby is bright, open and inviting, with all necessary on-site amenities easily accessible. The property features an official Disney gift shop, a convenience store for common necessities and multiple dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Marketplace offers quick, grab-and-go snacks such as coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and self-serve ice cream!

You can enjoy your quick snacks, or selections from the Pizza Hut Express at a nearby indoor seating area.

If you’re spending your day poolside, the Flamingo Cove Lounge offers a pass-through window where you can order sandwiches, appetizers and drinks.

Trader’s Island Grill overlooks the gazebo and the lush landscapes to the rear of the property. Bright and airy, Trader’s Island Grill is a beautiful spot for breakfast or dinner.

Trader’s Island offers a fresh, full breakfast buffet featuring an assortment of breakfast meats, cereals, fruit, pastries, eggs, biscuits and gravy, potatoes, made-to-order omelets, and of course – Mickey waffles! Children have the option to serve as “Junior Omelet Chefs” where the Omelet Chef will guide them through making their very own customized omelet.

For dinner, the Trader’s Island menu features a variety of Tex-Mex favorites, complete with margaritas!

If you’re looking for amusement outside of the theme parks, Best Western LBV features an on-site arcade, fitness center and outdoor, heated pool (with accompanying kiddie pool. One nice detail to note – the pool is designed in the same shape as the hotel itself. Being someone who loves added little thoughtful touches, I thought this was creative and impressive. Besides, the shape is simply FUN, and I don’t just mean in the pool! While exploring the interior of the hotel, we had a lot of silly, goofy fun navigating the hallways as they merged and twisted. Perhaps we’re just a strange family, but this gave us a few giggles and we found it to be an intriguing design. 

But… how about the rooms themselves?

The rooms were cozy and comfy, and they had all that we needed for an enjoyable stay. We always appreciate an in-room fridge, and the TV was of a higher quality than many hotels we’ve stayed at, with a very fair selection of channels and pay-per-view options. And the beds…. if I were going to the parks, I might have trouble rolling out of them! So comfy, and pillows that certainly provided pleasant dreams for a weary head!

By far, the BEST feature of the rooms… the step-out balcony! Not only is Best Western LBV the only hotel on Hotel Plaza to offer this feature, but in general, this is a rarity nowadays! We have always appreciated a balcony, and with many local hotel stays under our belts, we frequently wax nostalgic about the days when hotel room balconies were a common thing. 

I’m happy to say that we spent a good deal of our stay on our balcony. If we hadn’t, we would have missed some amazing views! Check out the sights from our room… see anything familiar?

 By day, we were able to overlook the trees and the water, under a perfect blue sky.

…And as the sun began to descend…

 Although I wasn’t able to grab any usable photos, take my word for it – this was a magnificent place to catch a few of the various fireworks displays from the Disney parks! We easily had a clear, open view of Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

When we first moved back to the Orlando area, I set a mission to stay at all of the Disney-branded hotels. While this was a fun little goal, and we certainly did enjoy this challenge, we quickly began to notice that it was a ridiculously expensive one. When we ended up trying out Buena Vista Palace (another Disney Springs Resort Area Hotel), it dawned on us that there really were other options that were on par with the mission we were on. I suppose you could say that this realization began a new mission – to inform the masses that $300+/night is not necessary to enjoy a Disney stay. I would certainly rank the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels higher than the Walt Disney World “value” resorts, and in most cases, they are more affordable than the WDW value resorts! With the average cost of a Disney vacation quickly climbing, these resorts are a wise consideration to keep your visit affordable without compromising comfort, safety, quality or convenience. 

For more information on Best Western LBV, visit their official site. To compare all of the Disney Springs Area Resort Hotels, click here. View more of our photos from our Best Western LBV stay here

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