BRAVO! Cucina Italiana Takes National Ravioli Day to the Next Level

Sunday, March 20 is National Ravioli Day, but you can celebrate four days of ravioli at BRAVO! Cucina Italiana. Match 20 -23, BRAVO’s salute to ravioli extends a gift to you – the customer – 50% off all dine-in ravioli dishes! If you’ve been needing a nudge to try a new restaurant, this is a good reason to aim for BRAVO. If you’ve already visited BRAVO, you are certainly familiar with how well their name fits, and this is a perfect excuse to return and indulge. 

BRAVO has locations across the nation, with three in Florida. If you’re local to Orlando, or visiting the area, the nearest location is in the Dr. Phillips area at 7924 Via Dellagio Way. The Dellagio complex is beautiful and elegant overall, and BRAVO is the cornerstone. Guests can choose from outdoor seating on an upper-level, aimed toward The Orlando Eye and I-Drive attractions, or indoor seating surrounded by the intricately elaborate, yet subtle details of the restaurant’s theming. Seating can accommodate large groups, as well as intimate, romantic occasions. 

Though BRAVO has a wide selection of menu items to tempt you, our focus is on ravioli at the moment. Luckily, BRAVO has a ravioli dish for every palate – starting with the Crispy Mozzarella Ravioli appetizer! This is a brilliant combination of ravioli-meets-fried-mozzarella. It is served with two dipping sauces – one is a more traditional, tomato-based pomodoro sauce, and the other is a creamy, rich horseradish sauce. I expected to gravitate toward the pomodoro, as this is more the “norm” for pasta, but I found myself repeatedly returning to the horseradish. It was unusual, but such a beautiful fit for this style of ravioli. The Crispy Mozzarella is only $5.50 during the promotional period – and the portion is very reasonable for sharing.

There are three ravioli entrees to choose from, and you’re bound to find (at least) one that you will love. Two of the entrees are openly available on the regular menu, but one is a “secret”. 

Lobster Ravioli Alla Vodka pays tribute to the southern Italy tradition of fishing by combining Italian fare with elements of the sea. Sauteed shrimp and tomatoes form the basis of the sauce for this entree. The ravioli is stuffed full of shredded lobster meat, and topped with bread crumbs. I’m personally not the greatest judge of seafood, as this is not a cuisine I am particularly fond of, but the ingredients were undeniably fresh and of remarkable quality. This is the trick with seafood, and it is very easy to find very bad ingredients. Seafood is a touch type to make right – but they did it!

The Braised Beef Ravioli was an instant hit. I’ve had meaty ravioli before, but none quite like this. Chianti-braised beef and diced sweet potatoes are drenched in a sage-champagne-brown butter sauce, and this creates an awesome mixture of flavors and textures. I sincerely don’t know if I can return to average meat ravioli after having this version. 

The third ravioli entree is a secret that you desperately want to be privy to – Cheese Ravioli. Sounds simple and standard enough, but this dish is anything but standard. The blend of flavors are bold and risky, but somehow they work very well. It’s a cheese lover’s dream – a creamy and flavorful blend of pesto, ricotta, and alfredo – both inside and out. 

Frankly, we couldn’t decide which of the raviolis ranked as our favorite choices, but the cheese and beef seemed to be leapfrogging each other for the top slots. All of these entrees can be purchased for less than $10 during the promotional period (the Cheese Ravioli is only $6), and the serving sizes assure you’ll leave full and happy. 

If you do happen to have room left following your ravioli feast, consider a glance at the dessert menu. The tiramisu is beyond fantastic – possibly the best I’ve ever had; and the after-dinner drink selection is outrageous. Might I suggest a Chocolate Martini?

If you regularly follow our blog, you undoubtedly know that we are very harsh critics when it comes to Italian cuisine. When you marry into a very Italian family, you soon discover that no restaurant can compete with Grandma’s kitchen. The Italians can always do it better themselves, at home, after all. For the first time in a very long time, this is not the case. BRAVO dazzled us in all aspects. The atmosphere was beautiful and enjoyable, the food was unparalleled, and the service was second-to-none. High compliments to the chef, as well as to the crew of this remarkable establishment. BRAVO has officially become one of Come See Orlando’s new top recommendations. Put our opinions to the test and visit BRAVO today. The ravioli celebration gives you the perfect opportunity to discover something new, and introduce yourself to authentic Italian fare. Bring your Italian grandma along – she’ll approve, too!

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