Chuy’s Green Chile Fest

Chuy’s is easily one of my favorite restaurants. I’ll admit that there may be a bias to my opinion, but even the bias has merit. Established in 1982, Chuy’s is headquartered in Austin, Texas – and as a Texan girl, I know that this fact yields the expectation that they know how to serve up proper Tex-Mex cuisine. As a Florida transplant, Chuy’s has been one of the VERY few purveyors of quality Tex-Mex in the Sunshine State, satiating my food-related homesickness on many occasions. We Texans hold high expectations for our Mexican cuisine – much like a New Yorker’s passion for pizza, so yes… I’m a wee bit partial here. On the flipside of that coin however, Chuy’s earns every bit of praise I toss their way. The food is not only amazing, but in true Texas style – portions are tremendous, and friendly service is a standard.

We recently visited Chuy’s in Kissimmee, Florida to experience the Green Chile Festival – an annual, three week long event in its 28th year, celebrating the harvest of the Hatch Green Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico. The festival features a special, six-item original menu (each item priced under $12) incorporating fresh green chiles, as well as chile-infused beverages like the Mexican Martini. I also highly recommend the Prickly Pear Margarita – or, for those feeling torn between liquor and beer, opt for the Chuy’s Brew, which combines Corona and Margarita!

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s Green Chile Fest menu items…