COLORADO – Denver’s Destination Dispensary To Host Extravagant Art & Glass Show

Set to Feature Live Glass Blowing, Mural Unveiling, Live Music & Craft Vendors

  1. A mural unveiling by artist Forrest J. Morrison at 6:00 PM

  2. Live glass blowing by leading, local glass artists including Sol Fire Glass, Nick Russo, Burtoni, Lunchbox Glass Mechanic, Hand of Man, Jacs, and more

  3. Paintings presented by Satellite Exhibition Services include some of Denver’s leading artists including Mark Penner-Howell (courtesy of Walker Fine Art), Peter Yumi, Michael Dowling and Forrest J. Morrison

  4. Music by Denver’s leading cannabis DJ Nikka T

  5. World famous glass art on display

  6. Craft vendors by friends of Denver’s HAHO

  7. Free ice cream

  8. Food offered by Chuey Fu’s, a Latin Asian fusion food truck

  9. Event specific discounts on cannabis products

Diego Pellicer – Colorado’s CEO, Neil Demers, commented, “This event will serve as a milestone for the cannabis and art community, in which they’re able to come together to serve the public in a fun, community-oriented setting. The event started as a mural unveiling by Forrest J. Morrison, and it eventually evolved into a huge community art and glass show.”

“The mural design relies on the traditions of Art Nouveau and Caravaggio, including the framing devices and the ‘tattoo’ placement approach to decorating the architecture rather than covering it up,” said Forrest J. Morrison. “I decided to approach the mural the same way I would approach a canvas by building an image through light and color, instead of design.The mural will be an experience unto itself, inviting participation in the brand by stopping patrons in their tracks while they ask, ‘why…how?’.

Diego Pellicer’s Art and Glass show will also offer live glass blowing by some of Colorado’s leading glass artists. “We will mainly focus on demonstrating the glass making process as well as producing functional glass for the audience,” said Matt Pinczkowski aka Lunchbox Glass Mechanic. “We couldn’t be more excited to have artists such as Sol Fire and Burtoni participating.”

Diego Pellicer, Westword, Satellite Exhibition Services, Art District on Sante Fe, and Clover Leaf will be sponsoring the event, which will be open to the public and to all ages. Access to the dispensary will be limited to those aged 21 years and older, and driver’s licenses will be checked at the door. “This is going to be a unique event that no one in the cannabis industry is really doing,” said Amy Phare, President of the Art District on Sante Fe.

Anyone interested in learning more about the event can see the flyer here or visit the Facebook page here. Diego Pellicer – Colorado is located at 2949 W Alameda Ave in Denver, CO, 80219.

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