CSI: The Exhibit – The Trifecta of Edutainment

It’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with forensic studies, so it seems only natural that “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” would be part of my regular television routine. It’s one of my favorite shows, in fact! Of course, this led to me being extremely intrigued by CSI: The Experience on International Drive. This unique example of edutainment opened in 2012, three years after the successful debut of its first location in Las Vegas – an appropriate launching pad considering the show’s setting. 

The building that houses CSI: The Experience also hosts two other attractions – one of which is considered temporary. While CSI is a permanent fixture, it shares the ground floor with an exhibit that is “traveling” in nature. Most recently, the feature was Our Body: The Universe Within. Before that, Star Trek: The Experience called this area home. January 25 was the last day to catch Our Body, which is now being dismantled to make way for something new. At this time, the nature of the new attraction has not been confirmed, but Chris Snyder of EMS Exhibits has informed me that they are contemplating two possible options. The new exhibit will be revealed soon, and may be open to guests by late February or early March. The third exhibit, Consumed by Art, opened in December. 

Let’s explore this novel trifecta of creative amusement – starting with CSI: The Experience.