Dare 2 Escape – New Escape Game Experience in Kissimmee

If you are one of our regular readers, you probably know that we have a deep appreciation for the escape game craze. This is one type of amusement that the entire CSO crew can get behind. As a family, we love the opportunity to bond as we combine our collective skills in an effort to achieve a common goal. Okay… there may be a few tense moments of frustration on our path to escape, but we always emerge smiling and praising the individual contributions that helped us to avoid whatever horrible fate we faced in each unique scenario. We have proudly held to our perfect escape record thus far, but alas – even the mightiest teams eventually face defeat. While we technically conquered all of the challenges in our latest escape game attempt, we finally found one that we couldn’t quite manage in that dreaded one hour time limit. 

Dare 2 Escape is the newest escape room to open in the Orlando area. It is also the first escape game experience in Kissimmee, and the latest impressive cog in the wheel of revitalization of Kissimmee’s popular 192 strip. We were repeat tourists to the Central Florida area long before we lived here, and we are strong supporters of Kissimmee’s restoration efforts. The addition of genuinely new, contemporary amusements is a huge step on the pathway to bringing Kissimmee back to its full glory. To that end, Dare 2 Escape may just be the most valuable gem to make its way to 192 in quite some time.

All escape rooms have something a little different to offer. It’s an amusement genre unlike any other, and one that enthusiasts tend to consume completely and heartily. That being said – Dare 2 Escape is easily the most uniquely designed escape game concept that we have experienced yet. Let’s take a look at what makes Dare 2 Escape our newest top recommendation for escapists in the Orlando area…

  1. The creative minds behind Dare 2 Escape are escapism aficionados themselves, having collectively experienced over 100 different escape rooms. Obviously, as they explored this passion, there was an element of research involved, and they took note of the aspects they appreciated, while also considering the concepts that could be expanded on. One of those concepts is the incorporation of enhanced sensory appeal. The rooms at Dare 2 Escape are carefully designed to engage all senses with the exception of taste (after all, this isn’t Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… no one needs to be licking the walls). While touch and sight are a normal part of the escape game experience, you have to respect the addition of themed sounds and scents that stimulate (and sometimes distract) you, making the already immersive environments all the more real and captivating.

  1. The rooms will have extensive elements to strengthen the theme and heighten the experience. While we are always careful not to give away the juiciest details of these types of attractions, we’ll give a tiny little hint to get your brain pondering the possibilities. The rooms within Dare 2 Escape are: The Asylum, The Dig, and Ringmaster. Consider the settings, and imagine them to be examples of suitable surroundings in every way possible. You will find over-the-top scene elements that pull together to create high-quality realities. One example – if you opt to play The Dig… be prepared to actually DIG!

  1. Every good escape game must begin with a well-conceived story to serve as the foundation of the theme. Dare 2 Escape not only delivers that component, but they take it a step further by connecting the stories of all three rooms in one elaborate, ongoing saga. The Asylum features the twisted Dr. Tillman as the potential threat you must evade, and The Dig and Ringmaster propel the tale by depicting future generations of the Tillman clan carrying on the family tradition of dirty deeds and misguided acts of maliciousness.

  1. The creators of Dare 2 Escape really have thought of everything. Not only are the different rooms staggered in their level of difficulty, but The Dig is specifically suited to families with slightly younger children. The rooms even include customizable factors to ensure a comfortable and appealing experience. For example – In The Asylum, guests have the option for increased lighting if the dimly lit room is especially challenging to their physical abilities. The Asylum also features aspects designed to enhance the fear factor, but if a guest is particularly squeamish, these features can be toned down or completely disengaged. 

One other noteworthy quality that makes Dare 2 Escape so appealing is the inclusion of horror-esque elements to the themes of the rooms. All escape rooms feature stories of peril, but fans of the horror/haunt genre will find an added layer of attraction in this escape game experience. The creators of Dare 2 Escape are fans of top haunts themselves, and it’s apparent that their passion served as an inspiration for the concepts of their rooms. While it isn’t necessary to have an innate love of horror to appreciate Dare 2 Escape, it certainly broadens the allure of this particular location for those who enjoy a scary surprise or two. We had a couple of jumps and yelps while attempting to escape The Asylum, and it really took the game to an exciting new level for all of us. 

The Asylum includes such a wide array of puzzles and challenges that all of our diverse skills and talents were valuable in our efforts to escape. The ability of every participant to genuinely contribute to the goal is a vital part of the enjoyment and satisfaction of the game. The clues, and the pathways to reach them are very intelligent in their design, and relevant to the overall theme. I can admit that we felt a wee bit ashamed as we watched the clock tick down to the final minutes and we realized that we were stymied, but we felt a little redeemed when we discovered that the success rate of the room is thus far rather low. The Dare 2 Escape crew readily confess that the room is quite challenging, and they were quick to point out that we conquered some of the more difficult tasks more quickly than past participants. Of course, if I’m to be fully honest, we collectively have a history of problems lining up combinations on locks properly – so I’m still not sure if we’re brilliant or if we’re fumbling goofs. Either way, we had an incredibly enjoyable time at Dare 2 Escape, and we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to tackle the other two rooms. The Dig is due to open this week, and Ringmaster will be launched soon after.

Dare 2 Escape is one of the area’s more affordable escape games at $30 per player. Discounts are currently available for Florida residents, theme park employees, military and more directly through the booking area on the Dare 2 Escape website. Learn more about Dare 2 Escape on Facebook and Twitter.

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