Dinner @ Chef Mickey’s

Those who know us well know that we love spending time at the Disney hotels almost as much as the theme parks themselves. One of our favorites is The Contemporary. Every time we pass through The Contemporary, I always have to stop and gawk at the fun going on within Chef Mickey’s – a character restaurant within the hotel. On January 3rd, Gino and I made a dream come true when we decided to do Chef Mickey’s for dinner. (If you have finicky kids like we do, the breakfast is a much better value – cheaper cost and more appealing options for those who turn their noses up frequently) What an experience!! Can you tell I was happy from the moment we were seated?

At Chef Mickey’s, the food is just the beginning of the fun! The “serve-yourself” buffet features various salad options, a unique array of sides, a fantastic carved meat station and incredible, Disney-fied desserts.

BUT… the real fun begins when the music kicks up and the servers start rousing the crowd. When the whole restaurant starts clapping in time & waving their napkins, you know you’re about to be greeted by the “fab five”! One by one, the “chefs” visit every table for pictures, autographs & hugs…

Mickey was the first to greet us! He was impressed with my Mickey tattoo (I think he may have been blushing) and rewarded me with a huge hug and a gentlemanly kiss on the hand. I’ll admit… when he walked away from our table, I cried just a little. Damn, I love that mouse!!

Next up was Minnie… who seemed to be flirting pretty blatantly with Gino. Watch out, Miss Mouse! You steal my man and I’m coming after yours!!

Pluto romped on over for a playful visit…

…followed by Donald.

Our final visitor of the night was Goofy. Although Gino had opted to avoid being in the pictures that night, Goofy insisted on this photo. Who knew Goofy was a Deadhead?? He was absolutely thrilled with Gino’s Grateful Dead t-shirt. 

All in all, I have to say… Chef Mickey’s was an absolute hit with us! I highly recommend it – for the food AND the atmosphere. Can’t wait to return for the breakfast!

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