Dynamic Attractions unveils the world’s first motion base coaster

The Dual Power Coaster suspension creates spin-outs and airtime

PORT COQUITLAM, BC (November 15, 2018) — A roller coaster capable of doing spin-outs and other racing moves, invented by a ride innovation company based in Port Coquitlam was unveiled this week in Orlando at the global exposition for theme park operators put on by the International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association (IAAPA).

“The Dual Power Coaster the world’s most advanced roller coaster vehicle,” states Hao Wang, President, Dynamic Attractions. “Most coasters are all about the track. That is only half of the excitement in this ride, where the cart itself is powered and moves, creating racing sensations never possible before on a roller coaster.”

Yesterday the company’s new roller coaster received the highest honor in the industry: The 2018 Best New Product Innovation Award.

The unique roller coaster vehicles have new technology that allow four degrees of freedom (4-DOF); these motion platforms enable each vehicle to pitch forward, roll side-to-side, change heading, and heave up and down while moving along the track. Wang explains how this feels to guests, “The Dual Power Coaster simulates drifting, air time, 360-spin outs, and other racing phenomena which have been impossible up until now.”

In addition to the 4-DOF motion platform, it has dual propulsion. The combination of On-Board drive and an Off-Board Linear Synchronous Motor drive heightens the experience for guests. “Imagine racing on a track and then suddenly ‘powering-up’ to boost your speed,” adds Wang.

Dynamic Attractions’ first Dual Power Coaster will open in Malaysia in the Spring of 2019.

“Theme parks are eager for the next centerpiece attraction because it draws guests,” adds Wang. “The Dual Power Coaster offers a dramatically new sensory experience. It will be a game-changer for creative teams, park owners and guests.” 

Dynamic Attractions’ new products have consistently been recognized by IAAPA as the ‘Best New Product Concept’. Over the past three years, the coveted Brass Ring has been awarded to Dynamic’s All-Terrain Dark Ride (2017), Motion Theater (2016), and SFX Coaster (2015).

About Dynamic Attractions                   www.dynamicattractions.com

Over 50 of the world’s most popular theme park rides have been designed and built by Dynamic Attractions. In addition to its line of innovative rides, it creates premium, customized ride systems. It also provides parts and service support for rides of all kinds. Dynamic has operations in Vancouver, Orlando, Dallas, Toronto and Shanghai and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Empire Industries Ltd (www.empind.com).

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