Go Big or Go Home: I-Drive 360 Makes Its Grand Debut

If you have been anywhere near Orlando lately, you certainly haven’t missed the amazing developments taking place along International Drive. I-Drive 360 has been an ongoing phase project that finally hit its pinnacle with the Grand Opening of The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s, Sea Life Aquarium and Skeletons – Animals Unveiled this week. Last week, Merlin Entertainment treated long-supportive media guests to an unparalleled preview of their latest ventures, and Skeletons hosted a soft opening. It was a non-stop blast of incredible entertainment and much-anticipated introductions to some of Orlando’s newest, greatest amusements. 

While most of my reports are very verbose and in-depth with descriptives, this is truly a case where pictures (and videos) are worth a thousand words. I’ll go against my norm and let the visuals tell most of the story here. Sit back and enjoy a fun-filled week at I-Drive 360!


Over 30 displays containing more than 5,000 underwater creatures and dramatic seascapes await…

Sea Life promotes an extensive conservation program: breed, rescue, and protect!

Moray eels, starfish, and massive schooling fish greet you as you begin your underwater journey!