Halloween Horror Nights: My Journey to Scareactor Auditions

Halloween Horror Nights is the pinnacle of scare-tastic Halloween extravaganzas!! I’ve lived in the Orlando area for 12 years, with a 4 year hiatus to the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area. Each year I was away, Halloween season was a depressing and exhausting time for me. No matter how I tried, I could find nothing that compared to HHN. Don’t get me wrong – corn mazes, forests, caverns, mountains – they were all enjoyable to visit, but… do you see a pattern in these photos? (Click to view full size)

Where’s the scare? My Halloweens had become sanitized! To prove my point, this was my first Halloween costume upon my return to Orlando…

Haunted houses and autumnal events are cute, and they certainly have a place and purpose. But, the fact of the matter is… if you want a true “to your core”, spine-tingling scare, Halloween Horror Nights is THE event of the season, hands-down.