Halloween Is Saved! UNDead in the Water: Operation DECON Returns October 2nd

UNDead in the Water is Tampa’s only authentic nautical haunted attraction.  Traverse multiple decks of this historic WWII cargo ship armed only with nerves of steel and a will to survive.  Avoid being eaten by the infected zombie stowaways while the Ripper Squad Decontamination Crew fights for humanity's very survival!  The attraction opens October 2nd and will operate 11 nights throughout the month, culminating on Halloween night. 

UNDead in the Water will take place aboard the American Victory Ship located at 705 Channelside Drive, Tampa, FL, behind The Florida Aquarium. Hours for all event nights are from 7:30pm – 10:30pm, and include Friday, October 2; Saturday, October 3; Friday, October 9; Saturday, October 10; Friday, October 16; Saturday, October 17; Friday, October 23; Saturday, October 24, Thursday, October 29; Friday, October 30; and Saturday October 31.

As a nonprofit organization, UNDead in the Water is committed to providing patrons with a thrilling, unforgettable experience while addressing important health and safety needs.  The attraction will take every effort to provide a safe and sanitary experience for guests, staff, and actors.  In addition to enhanced daily cleaning procedures, staff and scare actors will clean with hospital-grade cleaning agents and sanitize the entire ship throughout the duration of the attraction, including all high-touch surfaces such as ladders, railings, and countertops.  Scare actors are required to wear face coverings or remain physically distant.  All actors and staff will undergo a health screening including temperature check each night.  CDC best practices will be observed and continuously monitored, and guests may be required to wear face coverings while inside the attraction; however, full face coverings, decorative Halloween masks, and costumes are NOT allowed.  Group size is limited to 8 at a time; UNDead in the Water is a timed-entry attraction and "cattle-call" crowding inside the ship will not be allowed.

Joining the American Victory team in production for UNDead in the Water are CineView Studios, Practical Imagination, and Scott Swenson Creative Development.  All funds raised from UNDead in the Water benefit the restoration and operations of the American Victory Ship and Museum, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

PRICE: $15-$20/adults; $13-$18/military, veterans and first responders.  To purchase tickets, visit www.undeadinthewater.com/calendar-and-buy-tickets and for more information, visit www.undeadinthewater.com or call 813-228-8766.  Capacity is limited and advance ticket purchase will be required for specific time slots.

About the American Victory Ship and Museum:

Built in 1945, the SS American Victory voyaged around the world delivering crucial cargo during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Today, the ship is one of only four operational World War II merchant steamships in the U.S.  The SS American Victory provides daily educational tours, serves as a training site for firefighters, law enforcement officers, active and reserve military and working dogs, hosts special events, and benefits from memberships, donations and corporate sponsorships.

Since the SS American Victory arrived in Tampa in September 1999, dedicated volunteers have invested over 1,000,000 hours to restore, maintain and operate the vessel.  The American Victory Ship and Museum receives no city, state, federal or tax dollar financial support.  It relies heavily on private donations, grassroots efforts, and sincere dedication from its group of committed volunteers.  The American Victory Ship and Museum is a nonprofit 501c3 organization and recognized in the National Register of Historic Places.  The ship is located in the Water Street District, directly behind The Florida Aquarium.

For more information, please visit www.americanvictory.org

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