Hidden Mickeys

In my last post, I mentioned the Wilderness Explorers program at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The other WDW parks have been integrating interactive, scavenger hunt styled games park-wide as well. They’re fairly obvious and easy to find, much like any other attraction, but did you know that long before these games were conceived, there was a quiet little cult of Disney fans scouring the parks on another type of scavenger hunt – the hunt for hidden Mickeys!

No, the oversized mouse in a tux isn’t exactly hard to find anywhere within the borders of the WDW Resort. This is a Mickey of a different sort. So, what is a “hidden Mickey”? They started out as cute little calling cards of the Imagineers (the brilliant minds who designed the parks), but when keenly observant park guests caught on, a craze was born! A hidden Mickey is an image of the three concentric circles that form the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head/ears. It should be composed of everyday objects, or within a painting or texture design, for example; concealed just enough to be a challenge to notice. This little tradition was publicly acknowledged in 1989. Since then, it has sparked Websites, books and camaraderie as the unique, never ending quest to find them all continues (and don’t forget… more are always being created). I highly recommend the award winning Hidden Mickeys book series by Steven Barrett.

In fact, the hunt for the hidden Mickey has spread so fast and far that many people have begun to share discoveries of the famous rodent found in flowers, clouds and animal spots. NASA even found one on the Moon! Where can you find Mickey?

Here are just a few of my favorites among those I’ve found at WDW. For more, visit my Hidden Mickeys Pinterest board! And… keep watch here… this is a topic worth revisiting! 🙂 Feel free to share your own found Mickeys too! Join us… Join us… Join us!!!!

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