Hotel California – A Salute to the Eagles @ Epcot’s ‘Sounds Like Summer’ Con

Typically, each band will perform three times a day, for a six day stretch (check schedules to verify). Considering that I was raised by an Eagles loving mom, and I recently missed the Orlando stop on their recent tour… I was anxious to fill the void with a Hotel California show. They are known as the go-to Eagles when The Eagles can’t bring themselves to be The Eagles… if you get my drift. One look at their client list lends credibility to their ability to channel one of rock’s most impressive acts. I planned on catching the very first show, to begin promptly at 5:30. 

After meandering about, and waiting for the ick to pass, the line started to form for the 6:45 show. I haven’t always noticed the summer shows to draw the excessive lines that other Epcot concerts do, but after considering that many of the evicted guests from the early show would probably return for this one, we opted to line up. Good decision! It led to front row seats.

I really wanted to catch another performance before writing this review. Unfortunately, life got in the way last week and Epcot just didn’t happen. I have no reason to think this is typical for Hotel California performances, and in fairness… the weather was creating a bit of chaos. It appeared that the second show was touch and go for a moment as another band of stormy weather loomed overhead, so it’s possible that they didn’t have the necessary time to get things up to par pre-show. I enjoyed the performance, and it was a good time. I will absolutely be catching them again when they return to Epcot in 2015. 

This week’s band – Don’t Stop Believin’: A Tribute to Journey. For the entire Sounds Like Summer schedule, click here

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