Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to Create 60s Retro Holiday Bash

Annual Holidays in Space, running from December 13 – 31, will feature a retro-futuristic theme.

CAPE CANAVERAL (November 15, 2019) – KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – Several iconic images bring to mind the 1960s: the Beatles, Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon for the first time and distinctive fashion. This year’s Holidays in Space at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will feature these and more. The 60s retro holiday bash will begin December 13 and run through December 31, and will be designed to transport guests back in time with events, images and music to create the groovy vibe for which the 60s is known.

Guests will enter a futuristic 1960 wonderland through an illuminated rocket archway. Retro music and décor using 60s era patterns, as well as 10,000 sparkling lights, will set the tone for a party that promises to be far out. Holiday décor, music, interactive photo opportunities, space trivia and fun surprises help create a spacy, wintry wonderland. 

 A multimedia short film event experience, Holidays in Space!, will take guests on a thrilling journey with Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, shuttle and International Space Station crews across NASA’s historic space missions from the 60s and into the future beginning at 5 p.m. each night.

“The 1960s set the stage for space exploration in the United States with the important Apollo 11 and 12 missions,” said Therrin Protze, chief operating officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “This year’s Holidays in Space begins during that era and takes us through NASA’s history and into the future, capturing the excitement of the time. And now, as we embark on a new era of space exploration as a nation, we’re thrilled to celebrate this important time period during our annual holiday event.”