Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland – Mad Tea Party

The Mad Tea Party is one of those love it or hate it rides. If you don’t like spinning, you won’t like this. It’s kind of like an insane version of a Tilt-A-Whirl. Sometimes all the colors alone will make you a bit queasy, but if you can hack it – it’s a blast! 

Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s Unbirthday Party in Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, The Mad Tea Party was an opening day attraction in 1971, and has always served as a highly recognizable icon. The Dormouse serves as the ride’s center focal point, popping his head in and out of a large teapot. Often imitated for local fairs and carnivals, this attraction features a common multi-platform ride system, in which both the main and minor turntable platforms move in oppositional rotation. In other words, while the main ride platform is rotating the entire unit counter-clockwise, mini platforms (three) rotate six teacups each clockwise. Further still, riders control the added spin of their individual teacup via a horizontal disc wheel in the center of the ride vehicle. Whew! Ready for all that spinnin’?! Good news is – you only have to hold it together for 90 seconds! Slow to load, long lines common. Plan accordingly!