Magic Kingdom – Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is an attraction quite unlike any other. Opening in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom in 2007, it replaced The Timekeeper show (which closed a year earlier). Prior to Timekeeper, this space housed the CircleVision 360 Theater. A number of factors and special Disney touches make the Laugh Floor a one-of-a-kind experience, literally!

The premise behind the attraction is this… now that the “monsters” have discovered the power of laughter, they invite humans to step into their world via an improv comedy club. The seating is club-styled, with the stage at center. Roz, the snarky secretary greets guests upon entry… with her own charming flair, of course. She also informs you that your laughter will supply the energy to power the exit doors at the end of the show, so get prepared to chuckle, folks!

Once everyone settles in, Roz welcomes your “Monster of Ceremonies”, Mike Wazowski. Overhead cameras help Mike to interact directly with selected audience members – making them part of the show just as you’d expect from a comedy club… with a Disney safety net. After a bit of ice-breaking, Mike begins to introduce the top comedians of Monstropolis, one at a time – well, except for that two-headed guy – to tickle your funny bone with sometimes corny, but still clever puns, one-liners and demonstrations. As the crowd’s laughter builds, so too does the canister displaying available energy on the side of the stage. Once the meter reads full, Roz sternly dismisses the audience. Conveniently, this always manages to occur by the 15 minute point. But don’t get me wrong… It’s always an original experience!