Magic Kingdom – Stitch’s Great Escape

So, to set the scene… You’ve been recruited by the Galactic Federation to help secure their dangerous prisoner – Experiment 626/ Stitch. Guests enter a round-style theater with individual seating. Be advised that some guests complain about the seats used at this attraction. For starters, they are not built for comfort, so expect hard molded plastic. BUT… this is really a functional matter, so don’t judge too harshly. Seating is a bit claustrophobic for people who have issues in that department. Once the show is set to begin, harnesses lower over your shoulders, and they tend to bounce and push a bit as they figure out where you begin, and adjust for your height. Although this is a show, and you don’t actually experience movement, this harness serves a purpose that adds to the experience. If you don’t have serious issues, grin and bear it… it’s worth it.

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