Magic Kingdom – Swiss Family Treehouse

You know that amazing treehouse we all wanted as a child? Imagine you found it… on a tropical island! Appealing little thought bubble ya got goin’ there, right? Okay, now explain to me why so many people seem intent on complaining about the lack of pizzazz at this concept come to life! Not only does the Swiss Family Treehouse walk-through attraction seem neglected by the majority of Magic Kingdom guests, but a cursory Web search seems to yield an appalling number of derogatory results. I’m a wee bit baffled by that. True, it’s one of those attractions that is void of innovative technology or heart-stopping thrills, but does everything have to be a chiller?

Make sure you pause a moment to soak up the view from the top of the tree. This is the element that truly sweeps you away. Although there are no rope or tire bridges (ala Sawyer), the Swiss Family Treehouse does require enough mobility to maneuver the winding steps – 116, to be exact. Plan on spending about 15 minutes on your treehouse adventure – longer if you really want to dawdle, but be forewarned, some guests get a little testy if they can’t find the space to speed past you. C’est la vie!  

Can you spot this elusive hidden Mickey? It’s profile styled & located on the trunk past the first bedroom!

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