NEW YORK – New York’s Spy Museum Opens in Midtown Manhattan on Friday, February 16

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: See yourself and the world around you more clearly through the lens of spying

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2018 – Calling all spies: Announcing the opening of SPYSCAPE, a truly unique permanent destination that combines three distinct elements: a contemporary museum, an immersive experience, and a journey of personal discovery. SPYSCAPE opens at 10am ET on Friday, February 16.

Students (with valid student ID) can reserve free admission online for the opening weekend (February 16-19).

Distinct Elements:

Contemporary Museum: SPYSCAPE explores amazing Spy Stories and characters — from code-breakers and spy pilots, to the spycatcher who brought down the FBI’s most damaging traitor, and the teenager who hacked the CIA’s website — all brought to life with world-class artifacts and multimedia storytelling.

Immersive Experience: SPYSCAPE features interactive experiential Spy Challenges, in which visitors can test their own spy skills, including lie detection in interrogation booths, observation in a 360-degree live surveillance mission, and agility in special ops laser tunnels.

Journey of Personal Discovery: Throughout the SPYSCAPE galleries (Encryption, Deception, Surveillance, Hacking, Cyber-Warfare, Special Ops, and Intelligence), visitors will encounter Question Stations testing their spy attributes such as risk-tolerance, brainpower, and personality. As visitors proceed through the galleries, their interactions in the Spy Challenges and Question Stations contribute to their overall Spy Profile.

The Experience:

Upon entry, visitors will receive a unique Identity Band, which uses RFID technology to personalize their experience. They then enter the Briefing, a high-tech theater which rises up through the building as it introduces the world of secret intelligence via an immersive film developed with the studio that creates VFX for films such as Avengers, Ex-Machina and Blade Runner 2049.

Their Spy Profiles are then analyzed in Debrief, where they discover which of the 10 archetypal Spy Roles they are best suited to. This authentic profiling system was developed with a former Head of Training at British Intelligence and top industrial psychologists. The Spy Roles are: Agent Handler, Cryptologist, Hacker, Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Operative, Special Ops Officer, Spycatcher, Spymaster, Surveillance Officer, Technical Ops Officer.

Key Experiential Elements:

Encryption Challenge – Visitors will use ciphers to send and receive coded messages to and from agents behind enemy lines. These messages, and how quickly and accurately they’re sent, will determine the success of missions, which then play out as short animated stories based on real-life events.

Deception Challenge – Visitors will learn to lie, and learn the art and science of spotting lies, in an interrogation room. A pulse monitor and facial and audio recognition software track heartbeat, facial expressions, and vocal cues as they try their hand at lying.

Surveillance Challenge – Surrounded by a 360-degree projection of live and pre-recorded CCTV imagery, wear special headsets fitted with microphones and voice-recognition software as a surveillance officer takes them through authentic surveillance missions to test their powers of observation.

Special Ops Challenge – Visitors will make split-second decisions, reach for illuminated targets, and negotiate a path through laser beams to reach the end of the tunnels while scoring against the clock. This challenge tests agility, strategy and reaction times in this thrilling twist on a laser maze.

The Details:

The Book Shop has more than 1,000 spy related titles spanning contemporary and historical nonfiction and fiction, including a selection of rare and first edition spy books that have been curated with the help of intelligence officers, historians, hackers, spymasters and world-class writers. The Gift Shop features a carefully curated selection of fun gadgets, smart tech, spy games, and products to protect personal communications and transactions. The Cafe & Bar offers food and beverages in a dramatic setting. Multiple Event Spaces offer one-of-a-kind surroundings for intimate dinners in immersive audio-visual spaces, high-tech board meetings, or celebrations for more than 600 visitors with full gallery access.

SPYSCAPE was designed as a world class multi-sensory environment. The architecture was created by Adjaye Associates, whose other designs include the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Nobel Peace Center and the Moscow School of Management. The audio design was done by composer and sound designer Nick Ryan, whose recent projects include works for Dolby, Tate, Rolls-Royce, and the Imperial War Museum. Lighting design was helmed by Lighting Workshop, whose other projects range from Adidas and Belstaff to Kith and W Hotels.

The museum has been brought to life by a diverse team of curators, designers, educators, programmers, and storytellers, with expert advice from former members of renowned hacking collectives, award winning investigative journalists, and former Station Chiefs and Directors of international intelligence agencies.

SPYSCAPE is developed and funded by private investment group Archimedia, whose other investments include Aman Resorts, Moncler, and Virgin Mobile, along with spy-themed TV and film projects such as The Night Manager and A Most Wanted Man.

Admission to SPYSCAPE is $39 for adults and $32 for children, for a date and time specific ticket. Included with this ticket are: (i) admission to the briefing and main galleries; (ii) access to all experiences (including the RFID Identity Band, the immersive Spy Challenges and the interactive Question Stations); and (iii) a full Spy Profile which explains each visitors Spy Role and is emailed upon completion of their visit. There is also VIP Admission (no waiting, no specific date or time) at $59 for adults; $52 for children.

SPYSCAPE is open seven days a week from 10am – 8pm (last entry at 7pm). For tickets and more information, visit or call +1 (212) 549-1941. Follow @spyscape on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About SPYSCAPE Opening on February 16, 2018, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, SPYSCAPE is a contemporary, interactive museum and experience which aims to help you see yourself, and the world around you more clearly, through the lens of spying. SPYSCAPE illuminates secret intelligence, from espionage to hacking, and investigative journalism. It offers a balanced perspective on the big issues – privacy, security, surveillance, etc., and inspires and empowers visitors to seek the truth, form their own opinions, and QUESTION EVERYTHING.

SPYSCAPE is truly experiential. Visitors can discover their inner spy using an authentic profiling system (developed with a former Head of Training at British Intelligence), and learn how their spy skills can help them every day. Visitors can also engage in real spy challenges, including lie-detection in interrogation booths, surveillance in a 360 degree environment and strategy and agility in special ops laser tunnels.

The museum also features a notable Spy Shop, a Book Shop, a Café and multiple Event Spaces. SPYSCAPE is located at 928 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019. For more information, visit and follow @spyscape on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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