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ORIGINAL REVIEW - Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants To Open at Dania Pointe in Dania Beach

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

By: Dr. Ray Cafolla - On Assignment For Ready Explorer

The latest iteration of the upscale wine and food franchise, Cooper’s Hawk, is set to open in Dania, Florida next week. You enter the restaurant through the wine shop, which offers tasting of the wines offered and, of course, the opportunity to buy a bottle. There is also a small shop to purchase wine glasses and other accessories.

As you enter the restaurant, the bar on your left offers beer and cocktails in addition to wine. But make no mistake about it, Cooper’s Hawk is about the wine. When they prepare the menu item, they do not create a dish and look for a wine to go with it. Rather, they choose a wine and create dishes around the wine. This “wine-centric” approach is carried throughout the menu. It should be noted that the only wines they offer are their own. This is not a great problem as they offer a varied selection: sparkling, chardonnay, cabernet, and many others. Particularly interesting was the “Camille” red wine and a nice “off-dry” Gewürztraminer.

Sampling several wine pairings for appetizers, main courses, and desserts demonstrated the importance of the pairing of food and wine. One appetizer, crispy Brussels sprouts went nicely with the semi-sweet Moscato, while another, the pork belly tostadas, were enhanced with the light red Cab/Zin.

The main courses, also paired with wine, were excellent. The pan-roasted barramundi, paired with the previously mentioned Gewürztraminer, was properly prepared, fresh, and flaky. The ginger soy glazed center-cut NY strip was tender and flavorful. The obvious wine choice? Cab Sav of course.

Last, but certainly not least, is dessert. The house chocolate cake, paired nicely with the fruity Nightjar, was appropriately decadent. If you prefer a lighter touch, try the lighter Lemon ice wine cheesecake along with a nice ice wine would work nicely.

In sum, if you are looking for a dining experience beyond the normal wings and beer, give Cooper’s Hawk a try. The great food and wine, along with the great service, will make for a memorable night out.

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