ORIGINAL REVIEW: Wild Florida's NEW Drive-Through Safari Experience

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Wild Florida has long been one of our top recommendations for animal lovers in the Central Florida area. It may be the very best way to enjoy incredible animal encounters while getting a genuine taste of what Florida is all about. It's natural, family-friendly, adventurous, educational fun... and it just got even better.

I've been a fan of drive-through safari experiences for most of my life. My grandparents introduced me to this concept in Texas many, many years ago, and that visit is one of my earliest and most vivid memories. I have told the stories of that visit so many times that I'm sure plenty of people are sick of them. It seems that everyone who has visited a drive-through safari has a memorable story to share about their experience.

One thing you can absolutely expect is an unpredictable experience. This is not "staged" per se. These are not animals trained for your amusement, so what you're enjoying is a natural experience - and one we've been lacking in the Orlando-area for far too long! Frankly, I can't think of a better group to bring us such an experience than the folks at Wild Florida.

Looking to discover the FULL experience? Join us on a ride-along!

Wild Florida's NEW self-guided, drive-through safari experience welcomes guests to drive their own vehicles down a meandering, two-mile gravel path within the 85-acre Safari Park to discover more than 100 free-roaming native and exotic animals of 30 species, including zebra, eland antelope, emu, scimitar oryx, watusi, bison, mouflon sheep, longhorn cattle, and more! The path winds through trees and flatlands with ponds and marshes throughout, including a fun little spot that holds a "Where's Waldo-esque" surprise for the eagle-eyed members of your crew.

As you near the end of the trek, you'll find the giraffes - patiently waiting for you to park your vehicle and make your way to the elevated feeding platform, where you can pass a tasty treat on to your new long-necked friends for just $5. At the park's posted speed limit of 5 MPH (and allowing time for pause when a llama decides to take up residence in your path), your journey should last about one hour. Feeding animals from your vehicle is not permitted (and if you've done similar safaris where this was allowed, you are probably intimately aware of why this is not a great idea). The Safari Park also includes a large pond area that serves as a home to numerous nuisance gators collected by the state's SNAP program.

If your up-close-and-personal safari encounter doesn't quite satisfy your adventurous urge, you're in luck... Admission to the Wild Florida Gator Park is included with your safari ticket, offering more than 200 additional animals, a variety of educational animal shows, and exciting interactive encounters. This is also where the airboat launches take place - if you choose to add this on to your Wild Florida experience (and why wouldn't you??). Beginning this spring, guests will also have the option to add on a high-flying adventure with a brand new zip line experience above the animal park.

The Wild Florida drive-through Safari Park is open Monday - Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Be advised that admission is per person, NOT per carload! Prices are $29 per adult (13 & up), and $20 per child. Advance reservations are required. Book your adventure online today!

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