Updated: Nov 10, 2019

In collaboration with Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra and The Creative City Project

Orlando Philharmonic, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras, and Creative City Project are seeking 5 bands or solo artists from a diversity of genres to play with a live orchestra.

  1. 5 bands or artists will be selected

  2. Each will have 2 songs orchestrated

  3. Songs will be performed live at IMMERSE 2019 in Downtown Orlando with the Orlando Philharmonic and Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras.

(Friday, June 21, Orlando, FL) – Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras, and Creative City Project are pleased to announce this partnership.

“Orchestrate” will collaborate with 5 bands or solo artists to arrange orchestrations for 2 of their songs. The bands will rehearse with the collaborative orchestra and will perform their songs live in Downtown Orlando as one of the central acts of IMMERSE 2019.

“As a musician, I know how epic the prospect of playing with an orchestra can be,” says Cole NeSmith, Executive Director of Creative City Project. “So when Eric Jacobsen [Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director] and I started talking about this, I knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the artists we end up collaborating with. And it seemed like the perfect opportunity for us collaborate with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras as well.”

This initiative continues Creative City Project’s commitment to original and innovative experiences that audiences and artists can’t have anywhere else in the world. And it highlights the Philharmonic’s commitment to quality and innovative programming, collaboration, and education.