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We’re introducing a new series to Come See Orlando. We started this site sharing viewpoints from the big-draw theme parks. We quickly realized that we have so much more to share, and we felt obligated to really open our site up to exploring the scope of our amazing, unique city. In that process, we’ve even opted to let our theme park annual passes go, with NO regrets. There really is so much more to Orlando. As we’ve been exploring, we’ve met some truly remarkable people. Since we’re already showing you some of our favorite things that make this city special, why not share the people that we feel perfectly personify the spirit of Orlando? 

Our first People of Orlando spotlight features Joshua Wallack – the COO of Mango’s Tropical Cafe, and Managing Principal of Skyplex. Josh came barreling into Orlando with high hopes and big plans, and he has steamrolled every barrier that threatened his efforts – with class, intelligence, persistence, and a genuine desire to help Orlando grow in an entirely new direction. While we do have superior options for family entertainment, and our arts and culture scenes are showing a respectable upswing, it’s undeniable that there is a certain flavor that we have been lacking… Latin flavor. Additionally, it has always been a challenge to find affordable entertainment that beckons to a sophistication and glamour that simply doesn’t fit with the sweaty, casual tourist vibe that many of our attractions create. Mango’s answers this need in vibrant fashion! It’s got the flair of Vegas, with the cultural heart of Florida – and it’s perfectly inviting to all demographics and interest groups. From the moment you arrive… before you even enter the building… you’re swept away in an irresistible ambiance that appeals to each of your senses. If you have had the honor of visiting the Miami – South Beach location, you know that “Mango’s is the party”, and the party only got bigger here in Orlando. 

But Josh and his father/partner David Wallack aren’t stopping there! They have so much more in store for The City Beautiful, and they stand to give our longtime big parks a run for their money. If you haven’t been paying attention to the development of the plans for Skyplex, you’ve really been missing out on some of Josh’s finest moments. It’s not often that you see a proposal create concern for the mega-parks, but Josh went head-to-head with Universal Studios when their paths came a little too close to crossing. It’s impossible to not respect Josh’s tenacity and strength. He put up one hell of a fight to see his concepts to reality, and he won. We here at CSO are big fans of “options”, and one of the things we appreciate most about the plans for Skyplex is that it’s full of options. Ticketing choices will allow guests to experience it completely, or minimally, with fair pricing (which has become a rarity in Orlando). There will be something for everyone – shopping, dining, thrills, and more. The Wallacks are completely focused on avoiding the common, cookie-cutter offerings that seem to dominate Orlando. They’re all about unique –  and the bigger, better “mouse trap”, so to speak. 

Joshua Wallack is easily one of the most intriguing personalities to hit the Orlando scene. We deeply respect his vision, his drive, and his charisma. We could spend hours talking with Josh, and still not scratch the surface of his brilliant mind and creative concepts. In fact… we did spend some time with Josh recently, and we have been anxious to share that experience with you. To truly gain an understanding of what brought him to Orlando and hatched his accomplishments here, you have to go straight to the man himself. As we sat in his bright, spacious office for a chat, it was hard not to notice his massive collection of books… everything from classic fairy tales to memoirs from history’s greatest businessmen and presidents. So appropriate, because Josh is certainly a dreamer – with the intelligence and drive to make those dreams a reality! Enjoy this People of Orlando spotlight interview with Joshua Wallack. 

Please note – since the filming of this interview, new information has been released regarding the development of Joshua’s projects, including the I-Drive pedestrian bridge he originally proposed, and the addition of Circo to the rooftop of the multistory parking garage and complex adjacent to Mango’s. 

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