Ready To Explore - New Braunfels, TX


This week, we're going on a virtual trip to a location that is very close to my heart - my original hometown of New Braunfels, Texas! It's been quite a while since I actually lived in New Braunfels, and some may say it's time to let go... but if you knew New Braunfels, you'd know that just isn't possible. My mother and grandparents moved to New Braunfels in 1979. New Braunfels is where I attended most of 1st - 7th grade (with a little dash of San Antonio thrown in from time to time). New Braunfels is where my mom met the man I know as "dad". It's where my brother was born, and where my grandparents died. My mom and my aunt both moved away for a while, to Florida and South Carolina, respectively, but they also both returned home and it was there that they too, passed on. My greatest childhood memories are rooted in New Braunfels, and it is where I ultimately plan to retire myself. It's home, and it's where my heart remains. I am thrilled to share a small bit of it with you!

Be aware - New Braunfels is a lot different now than when I grew up there. My last two visits were focused on family matters and many years ago. I was surprised at the growth and expansion that had taken place, but the charm and beauty of this adorable little German town still remained front and center. New Braunfels is much more of a "thing" now. When I first moved away, I would tell people I was from New Braunfels and had to explain it as "a town outside of San Antonio" to clarify in short order. Now, I tell people I'm from New Braunfels, and quite often - they get it... and they love it! There's somewhere for each of us - somewhere that just finds little paths into our bones, hearts, and souls. Some call it a "happy place". This is mine. Let's get a little summary of this infectious little nook, from our friends at

Deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, conveniently set astride the IH-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin, rests beautiful New Braunfels, Texas. Founded in 1845 by German settlers, New Braunfels is overflowing with old world heritage and small town Texas charm. From boundless adventures on our two beautiful rivers to wholesome entertainment at Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch & Caverns, the activities and sights are endless. We’re also home to Texas’ oldest bakery, oldest dance hall, and Wurstfest an annual 10-day salute to sausage.