REVIEW: Blue Man Group at Universal Citywalk

A Blue Man Group performance is not easy to categorize. It intertwines innovation, technology, comedy, music, science, and sheer physical skill, formulating a perfectly eclectic storm of epic proportions. Obviously, this smorgasbord of amusement made Blue Man Group a natural selection when I couldn’t readily narrow down my entertainment options for my birthday. They invite guests to “join the party”, and on this occasion, that was exactly the suggestion I was looking for.

You couldn’t have a party like this on your own accord – and if you did, you certainly wouldn’t want to clean up after it! With an almost childlike curiosity, the outrageous Blue Men perform the mind-boggling feats that any parent would shudder over, and they do it with a casual ease that makes it all seem almost normal. If the Three Stooges were training for Stomp on a life-sized Spirograph, it might be almost as captivating as Blue Man Group.

Personally, I’m all about words. I’m not a fan of instrumental music or silent films. Words are my primary tool, and often my crutch, as I live to describe experiences and paint pictures with my vocabulary. It’s more than a little surprising that I could spend 105 minutes absorbing a practically wordless performance, and find myself alternating between awe and belly-laughs. Sometimes body language provides all the descriptive you need. The array of expressions and physical context mastered by the Blue Man Group could easily make me eat my no-longer-necessary words. It’s physical storytelling and superior next-level engagement. 

Fans of the hit series The Walking Dead may have an added reason to celebrate a Blue Man Group Orlando performance, when filming is not taking place. Jordan Woods-Robinson (The Walking Dead‘s Eric) is a longstanding Blue Man, who still actively performs at the Orlando location. Of course, you might never know you’ve witnessed the zombie hunter in action. There is a little resemblance among the performers, after all.

The Orlando location is an intimate, yet spacious, venue. Seating approximately 1,000 guests, the theater used to serve as Nickelodeon Studios at the Universal Orlando Resort. The Blue Men canvas the extent of the theater for audience volunteers in more than one skit, so you never know when “intimate” may become genuinely up close and personal! Witnessing a Blue Man Group performance, you feel empowered in the most wonderfully silly way. You leave the experience with a new sense of rhythm, an expanded vocabulary that would dazzle a proctologist, and a ridiculously insatiable craving for Twinkies, marshmallows, and Cap’n Crunch cereal. All the while, the child inside of you is repeatedly screaming, “do it again”!

In 1991, Blue Man Group emerged with a style of entertainment that was simply unparalleled. Twenty-five years later, there is still nothing quite like it. Blue Man Group has dedicated venues in Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, and New York, as well as the Orlando location at Universal Studios Citywalk (opened in 2007). Daily performances start at $60 per adult, $30 per child. Discounts are in place for students, AAA members, Universal Annual Passholders, groups, and military. Add-on options include dinner, VIP experiences, and admission to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. For more information on Blue Man Group, visit their official website, or follow them on Facebook. Follow Blue Man Group Orlando on Twitter. One word of advice… don’t arrive late!

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