REVIEW: Corey Smith at House of Blues

Corey Smith burst onto the country music scene in 2003 with Undertones. Thirteen years later, he’s touring in support of his tenth album, While The Gettin’ Is Good. On December 30, the Georgia native made his way to House of Blues at Disney Springs – a regular stop on his tour route. The performance was a fantastic representation of Smith’s extensive career and overall diversity of influence.

The opening songs were performed acoustically, inviting an alluring personal connection between Smith and the audience. After drawing in the accompaniment of his band, Smith eventually worked his way into a beautifully erratic medley including Pearl Jam, Rehab, The Eagles, Alan Jackson, and CeeLo Green. His performance spanned the gamut of sensitively romantic to outspoken, rebellious good ol’ boy. A combination that is all too rare in today’s mainstream chart-toppers. Smith is the real deal, and as genuine as they come. 

Personally, I’m a harsh critic when it comes to modern country. I am a big fan of 70s-80s outlaw country, and I don’t particularly feel that a lot of stellar country hit the airwaves post- 1980s George Strait. Corey Smith is a rare exception in a sea of mundane redundancy.

From “Twenty-One” to “Blow Me Away”, singer/songwriter Smith covered his top crowd-pleasers and everything in-between, My personal highlight? The cover of Rehab’s “The Bartender Song”. A satisfying surprise, indeed! Corey Smith is on tour through April 1st, delivering a perfect blend of country, rock, heart, soul, and attitude. Smith goes the extra mile in his efforts to deliver a quality performance. His appreciation for the fans and dedication to his craft are undeniable. This is an opportunity to take advantage of, so find the tour stop nearest you, and get your tickets today. 

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