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The escape room craze has taken off like a rocket in Orlando, and a new game has recently come to town. Escape Room Entertainment is the nearest escape room to the Walt Disney World Resort, wisely located on Palm Parkway off 535. It’s no secret that we love escape rooms. It’s the one activity that our entire family genuinely enjoys, and we greatly appreciate the bonding opportunity it provides. It’s essentially a heightened-reality version of family game night, and it encompasses just enough mental challenge to qualify as valuable edutainment. 

Unlike coffee shops and drug stores, it isn’t as illogical as you might expect to have so many escape rooms popping up in one area. The beautiful thing about escape rooms is – if you’re a fan of the concept, it makes perfect sense to try every room at every location. It’s a brilliant repeat-visit business model, because each and every experience is unique. We’ve also noticed that while certain elements are similar from room to room, each location has certain aspects that differ and lend a little something extra to the options and overall experience. Escape Room Entertainment is no different in that effort. Prices are comparable to local competitors, but this location smartly opted to include a “value” option to their offerings. Escape Room Entertainment has three rooms currently open. Suburban Serial Killer and Legend of the Silent Tide are one hour experiences at the price of $32 per player, while The Hidden Temple is a half-hour game priced at just $17!

Don’t misunderstand the concept of the half-hour experience. This is not meant to imply that this room is somehow easier to conquer than the others. In fact, we found the room to be even more demanding with the shortened time limit. 

For thousands of years there have been tales of a forgotten city, overtaken by the jungle and erased from history. Legend has it the city contained a large idol made of solid gold that would bring immeasurable wealth to whoever set eyes upon it. Many have searched for the fabled land, but it has remained elusive throughout the years. While trekking through the rain forest you and your fellow archaeologists uncover the ruins of an ancient civilization. Could this be the city that legend tells of? Are you destined to find the artifact? Time will only tell.

As always, there is a good deal of detail that we simply cannot share. The nature of the game relies on the element of the unknown, and we don’t want to ruin your experience. What we can tell you is that the settings of The Hidden Temple are very tranformative and enveloping. The game requires a diverse array of skill sets to complete the varied puzzles that propel your progress, so a combination of strengths and knowledge will go a long away toward a successful escape. Additionally, teamwork and communication are vital. There was one task in this room that literally required multi-player cooperation to achieve… a simple task, once deciphered, but one that commanded all hands on deck, so to speak. The room had a general Goonies-esque feel to it, as your ultimate goal is to find the hidden treasure and subsequent glory. 

One thing that made this particular game more challenging than some we have experienced was the exceptionally minute details that differentiated puzzle elements. There were a couple of puzzles in the game that were very difficult to conquer due to the tiniest little dissimilarities in the clues that needed to be matched. Our strongest tip to you is – pay very close attention to every little detail when attempting to decipher your gathered hints!

The three games currently open at Escape Room Entertainment vary in the number of players they accommodate (6 for The Hidden Temple, 8 for Suburban Serial Killer, 10 for Legend of the Silent Tide). Outlawed (up to 8 players) is set to open soon, with more games already in the planning stages for the future. Advance reservations are required to play, and this is a location that may combine groups to fill a room (although there is a discount option to book out the full room). Escape Room Entertainment is open seven days per week, with ranging hours. For more information, or to book a game, visit their official website.

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