REVIEW: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

I tend to geek out a bit when it comes to NASA and the space program. One of my favorite memories of growing up in Texas is gawking at a visiting Space Shuttle Challenger through the chain link fence at Kelly Air Force Base in 1983. I was so little, and it seemed so huge… larger-than-life! This amazing thing I was gazing at could blast off all the way to the moon – maybe beyond – but right now, it was less than a football field away from me. This whole concept just awed and astounded me at that very young age. Truth be told, it still does! 

It was this lifelong love of all things space that had me positively giddy over our recent visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral. I’m immeasurably ashamed to admit that in all my years of living in Florida, this was my first visit to KSC, and to the Space Coast area, in general. I loved visiting Johnson Space Center during my Texan years, but I’ve always heard that Florida’s complex is quite a different experience. 

The short summary: I squealed, I gasped, I cried, I smiled, I took more than 500 pictures.

Just past the Heroes and Legends building, you’ll find the Rocket Garden – a display of actual rockets from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Free 20 minute tours are offered throughout the day, but the Rocket Garden is open for self-exploration all day long as well. Frankly, I could spend hours right here and thoroughly enjoy every minute. Standing in the shadow of these mammoth rockets is beyond humbling.