REVIEW – Sierra’s 21st Birthday Celebration at Planet Hollywood

We recently visited Planet Hollywood Observatory for the first time since its reopening. In retrospect, I can confess my regret in taking so long to stop by! From pre-remodeling visits, the whole family had already been huge fans of the blissfully inventive Cap’n Crunch Chicken, so the venue had passed our approval long ago with that alone. Considering our diverse tastes and varied opinions, we don’t always have a lot of luck finding a restaurant that we are all equally impressed by, but our post-remodeling pop-in reminded us how much we loved Planet Hollywood before… and it has only gotten better. We were so dazzled by the entire experience that we didn’t even have to consider alternative choices for celebrating Sierra’s 21st birthday this month. This milestone provided the perfect excuse for a return – and a great reason to check out Planet Hollywood’s Stargazers Bar! I happen to be uber sensitive to humidity-infused heat, and August has been brutal this year, so we didn’t last too long outside before the graciously accommodating staff relocated us to an indoor table. I was cursing Mother Nature for the conditions of our forced migration as I took note of how awesome the space really is. It’s tucked away from the main flow of traffic just enough to be a cozy little nook with a bit less “busy” to detract from the chillax-mosphere. A little live music… some appetizers… a cool drink… and a refreshing view of a crystal clear lagoon? Yes, I am absolutely making this a semi-regular stop on my fall/winter outings!

Inside, we made our way to the second floor. Great table, right in the center, overlooking the lower level, and in direct view of the massive screen. Good thing for that, because Planet Hollywood had a message we wouldn’t have wanted to miss! And how did the newly-legal Sierra start her evening? With a 45-ounce Solar Eclipse Bowl, of course! That’s Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila, Cointreau, and Citrus Juices with a Grand Marnier Floater (also known as a Margarita). It may have been a little more than she bargained for, because she had me help her finish it off. Not a bad sharing drink, but it was an odd collaboration of flavors to experience right after finishing a Space Monkey (Cruzan Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, Coconut Puree, and Chocolate Milk)… which was ridiculously enjoyable, by the way!

Sometimes you want to work your way around a menu… and sometimes you find perfection and you can’t seem to move past it. We couldn’t pass up another spin with the High Roller appetizer sampler (truly, I could live on the Texas Tostados), and Sierra was all too ready to have another round of BBQ Ribs. Tony is systematically conquering the Guy Fieri sandwiches. Last time, he opted for Bird is the Word, and this time he went with the Pimento Grilled Cheese. I think this sealed it… Guy Fieri is his hero. (Doesn’t that sandwich look obscenely delish???)  I knew exactly what I needed to try, and the idea was such a good one that Gino followed suit. No regrets – the L.A. Lasagna provoked more gratitude from my taste buds than just about anything I’ve introduced them to this year. OH. MY. YUM! Portions were so generous, that Sierra and I left with lunch for the next day just in what we could not finish at dinner. Not gonna lie – more than a couple people asked about my enviable lunch the next day at the office! Deep fried ginormous pasta tubes filled with meat and cheese?? That can only be awesome – right? You better believe it!

Sierra was salivating over the idea of having another Chocolate Comet milkshake days before our visit. I don’t know how she had the room for it, but she was quick to order it after our leftovers were packaged up. Crisis… they had no Chocolate Comet! Her face instantly twitched just a touch as she reached for the menu to swiftly find a plan B. Our server sped off after asking us to pause for a moment. In no time, he returned with a Chocolate Comet and a Strawberry Big Bang milkshake – complete with a lit candle in the cake topper. Well played, indeed!

Overall, the night was a smashing success. I have to acknowledge that Sierra can sometimes be a challenging fan to recruit, but she is simply enchanted with Planet Hollywood. We appreciate their exceptional courtesy and service, and salute their brilliance in culinary creativity. This one is undeniably a must-do… repeatedly! For more information on Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs, visit their official site, or follow Planet Hollywood on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. View our full Planet Hollywood Observatory photo album.

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