REVIEW: UNDead in the Water Returns For 2019!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Once again, UNDead in the Water is ready to serve as Tampa’s “only authentic nautical haunted attraction” for another fright-filled horror season. This clever haunt takes place aboard the historic American Victory WWII cargo ship, and you will be tasked with navigating multiple levels of the ship as you avoid the undead legion you’ll find inside, outside, and all-around with only a blacklight flashlight to defend yourself. Lucky for you, the zombies hate blacklights, so those brief moments of “stun” they receive when you light ’em up may just be the thing to save you in the end. Members of the Ripper Squad (an elite zombie eradication team) are on-hand to help usher survivors from the apocalypse to remote islands that offer safe harbor, but there may be a snag or two in the plans now that zombies are on-board… and that captain isn’t looking so well now either, is he?

The greatest thing about this particular haunt is the authenticity of the theme brought on by the unique nature of the venue. This makes the entire story much more intense as it unfolds. While you do encounter some “good guys” along the way, you are not led through the attraction per se. You are largely left to your own devices and ability to find your way through the decks, bowels, and cabins of the ship. It’s warm, dark, creepy, and awesome! Take a moment to glance at the sights of the port when you’re outside of the ship… if you dare to stop, that is. It’s a great view by moonlight, and the spooky sounds around you really make for an indescribable scene overall.

It’s important to remember that this is a REAL ship. As such, the walkways are narrow and the doorways pose a trip hazard if you’re trying to blindly sprint through the attraction. The bottoms of the doorways are thoughtfully marked with glow-in-the-dark paint, so keep your eyes peeled and watch your step! Besides, this is not an attraction you want to run through for aesthetic reasons as much as safety reasons. There are so many little details that you’d likely miss if you weren’t pausing to look as you pass. Peek into the rooms – read the walls – and try to stay on track. It’s easy to lose yourself in the bowels of a ship… and this is not the place you want to be lost – not with inhabitants like these!

 General admission tickets are just $15. UNDead in the Water takes place in the Channelside District of downtown Tampa directly behind the Florida Aquarium on weekends (Friday and Saturday) through November 2nd.

 The American Victory Ship is a 1945 WWII ship that served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Built in only 55 days in the California Shipyard, it is only one of 3 fully operational cargo vessels in the country. When not being overtaken by zombies, the ship is floating museum open every day except Saturdays. Visit for more information on the American Victory Ship and Museum, and for more details on the UNDead in the Water seasonal event.

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