Special Collaboration: Real-Life Castles Cinderella Would Envy

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Many of us grew up seeing the commercials on TV - happy little children with broad smiles, arms outstretched, running down an empty Main Street to storm Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World, where a host of princesses and fairy tale characters await to greet them like long lost royal friends. Didn't we all want to be those kids?

Truth of the matter is, Main Street is stunningly crowded, there's a hour-long wait to meet those characters, the castle is really just facade and forced perspective illusion housing a restaurant so exclusive that you may need to take out a mortgage to pay your tab... after you spend a small fortune just to get in to the park itself. OUCH!

Yes, with adulthood comes a little loss of the disillusionment of enchanted lands all to ourselves, especially when we see that price tag. Not everyone can (or should) break the bank to make a pilgrimage to "the most magical place on earth". In fact, some of us wannabe kings and queens would rather adventure off to something with a bit more reality, substance, and dare I say... honesty? And our little princes and princesses can still feel every bit as royally received. In some cases, perhaps even more so!

For a little inspiration, we've collaborated with some fabulous travel bloggers from around the globe to learn a little more about real-life castles that even Cinderella herself would be envious of! Travel inspiration, anyone? And awaaaaay we go.................