Splitsville – A Top Dining Option at Downtown Disney

Reprint from original publishing on December 2, 2014

Even though we were seated in a dedicated dining area, it was an open area, and we were sandwiched between two sets of occupied lanes. I expected to develop a headache before I even placed my drink order, but the thunderous claps and crashes actually faded into the background after a few minutes. Previous dining excursions to atmosphere-heavy restaurants like Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex have left my chatty companions frustrated, but we were able to successfully gab our way through our dinner experience at Splitsville. We were only distracted by the occasional cheer from a proud bowler after a well-tossed ball, and this quickly became an endearing part of the contagious charm of Splitsville.

Another aspect of that charm was the general appearance of the entire building. Inside and out, the theme seamlessly combines upscale sophistication and simple nostalgia. it really is one of the more attractive venues at Downtown Disney, and the layout is very accommodating. Live musicians are a regular fixture here on the outdoor patio, as an added bonus.

Speaking of indulgence… as impossible as it seems, save room for dessert! There are only a few selections on the dessert menu, but they’re irresistibly enticing. On second thought, with names like “Super Sundae” and “Giant Cake”, perhaps it’s more realistic to plan another visit just for dessert!

If you’d prefer a guilty pleasure of the beverage variety, Splitsville has a collection of frozen drinks, martinis, bowl drinks, and a reasonable wine list. The Snickertini has to be the most alluring of their specialties. Non-alcoholic options include Icees and Coca-Cola Freestyle.

For guests opting out of excess, rice bowls, salads, and even gluten-free menu items are available as well, so decadence is not necessarily required (only encouraged).

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