Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage – A Galactic Adventure at Dr Phillips Center

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its four-month mission: to explore performing arts centers in over 100 North American cities, to seek out Trekkies and music lovers like, and to pay tribute to 50 years of Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage kicked off its U.S. tour on January 17 in West Palm Beach, Florida following its November, 2015 debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall.The tour is currently scheduled to cover North America through early May. 

Produced by CineConcerts, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage chronicles 50 years of the popular franchise history in both film and television. With a new feature film slated for release this year, as well as a new series to come in 2017, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the tribute.

The symphonic performance, led by Justin Freer, features iconic moments from the complete history of Star Trek on a massive 40 foot screen, interwoven with narration from prominent series favorite, Michael Dorn.

About 15 years ago, I became a fan of Star Trek. Nearly a year ago, I became a fan of the symphony. On January 22, I was treated to a masterful combination of both of these late-blooming passions when Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts hosted Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage. 

The performance is brilliantly constructed – running the gamut of emotions. The medleys and montages capture love, humor, loss, bravery, strength, battle and triumph, paying homage to the vibrant personalities that span the history of the ground-breaking series. The Ultimate Voyage set is beautiful, designed to display synchronicity and the mood of the scene with color-changing effects. It’s an enveloping performance, engaging the eyes, ears, mind and heart, and it’s sure to delight any Star Trek fan. Frankly, the performance is not even limited in appeal to Trekkies alone – any person capable of appreciating the symphony can easily consider this to be a worthwhile night out. In fact, it may be just the powerfully alluring force to usher new fans in. The music of Star Trek is a foundational element to the magic of the series, exquisitely guiding the audience through the dramatic ebb and flow of the storylines, and The Ultimate Voyage brings that seemingly subtle force front and center to striking prominence. How many ways can you say ‘brilliant’?

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage is a two hour performance (including intermission). For the complete tour schedule and additional information, visit the official site.

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