STOMP at Dr. Phillips Center

I was first introduced to STOMP more than 20 years ago on “Good Morning America”. Like many Americans, I was captivated by the entire concept. If Blue Man Group trained a group of random people on an abandoned construction site, STOMP would be the result. STOMP is the epitome of creativity.

A STOMP performance is wordless, but it’s anything but silent. Players perform perfectly choreographed routines incorporating mundane “junk” into elaborate rhythmic demonstrations. A New York staple, STOMP also promotes a travelling show that called Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts home for two days, March 23-24. 

For the length of the 100 minute (-ish) performance, anywhere from 1-8 players graces the stage at a time. Using rubber tubes, buckets, garbage cans, plastic bags – everything, including the kitchen sink – they create syncopated sound and step that baffle the mind. With a touch of comedic slant and an abundance of quickstep, these talented artists ooze skills that defy simple categorization. Time and again, you’ll find yourself asking – HOW do they do THAT? 

John Angeles and Kris Lee win my vote as the standout performers, and Charley Ruane provided the most naturally-displayed comedic personality. They made it look so easy, even though your shock and awe consistently remind you that it’s certainly anything but!

With only abbreviated television appearances to judge STOMP on for two decades, it was truly a pleasure to see it live. If you think the creative antics of the crew are impressive, just imagine it continuing for almost two hours, non-stop! I give the highest credit to these performers. They are not only creating music, they are creating it from nothing, and they contrive beats that infect the audience. It’s high-energy, acrobatic, rapid-fire action set to the soundtrack of the streets, and I love it. The most impressive thing about STOMP is the powerful message that it delivers – everyday people making magic out of everyday things – you never know what you can do until you try. It’ll make you see the world around you in an entirely new way – everything can be an instrument of wonder. 

Learn more about STOMP, their ongoing tour, and the NYC show here.

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