Sugar Factory Brings Sweet Treats and More to I-Drive 360

The much-anticipated opening of Sugar Factory at I-Drive 360 is finally upon us, and it was absolutely worth the wait! With locations in Las Vegas, New York, Miami and Chicago, Sugar Factory has established its reputation as a swanky spot for treats of all types. But don’t let the abundance of A-list celebrity photo endorsements fool you – Sugar Factory is surprisingly affordable, even for us normal folks. 

Sugar Factory Orlando occupies 8.500 square feet of space beneath The Orlando Eye, at the I-Drive 360 complex with seating for 259 guests indoors and outdoors. The location boasts a fully-stocked bar and lavish candy shop.

Featuring a 36 page menu of expansive selections, Sugar Factory will serve up options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Weekend brunch will be offered from 11am-4pm. Menu categories are widely varied. In most situations, this proves to be a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ scenario, but I made it a point to try a diverse selection of foods and nothing disappointed. 

It’s hard to decide what’s more impressive at Sugar Factory – the tastes or the visuals. All menu items are just as much a work of art as they are a taste temptation. 

When high standards in presentation combine with lofty expectations in deliciousness, it is delightfully satisfying to see prices that keep the experience realistic. Sugar Factory pricing is on par with the average dine-in experience. Our party of three tackled a respectable amount of alcoholic beverages, an appetizer, entrees and dessert that amounted to a total value of $130 (tax included). I have to admit… this was a ridiculous amount of food and drink. I’ve paid double that for far less at many Orlando eateries.

Sugar Factory is known for certain ‘signature’ items that you simply have to see to believe. Among them are the famed smoking Goblet drinks. These candy-infused beverages are 60 ounces of liquefied yum. Goblet drinks are available in alcoholic or virgin versions, and the alcoholic option packs a mighty 8 ounces of booze. 

Another highlight menu item is the King Kong Sundae. This is debauchery in its purest form! Recommended for parties of 12, the King Kong Sundae is 24 Scoops of ice cream drenched in hot fudge, caramel and strawberry sauce, sliced bananas, toasted marshmallows, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chip cookies, crushed waffle cones, gummi bears, white chocolate strawberry shavings and toasted walnuts with whipped cream, giant lollipops and sparklers on top. (You probably gained 5 lbs. just reading that.)

The Sugar Factory candy shop is simply outrageous. Chock full of novelty gifts and sugary sweets of all shapes and sizes, the candy shop is bustling with color to lure your eyes and morsels to seduce your sweet tooth. Just beware – if you plan to partake in items such as the “Giant Gummi Snake”, you’ll come to discover that tongs would be much more convenient to use than the provided scoop tools for procuring your take-home treats. This was the singular flaw I found at Sugar Factory.

Sugar Factory parties and events can be personalized with pre-set menus, private dining, goodie bags and custom cakes. For more information on events at Sugar Factory, contact

Check out our photo album for more food, drinks and fun from the Sugar Factory Orlando preview events. Sugar Factory officially opens to the public on Monday, December 28. For more news an information, follow Sugar Factory Orlando on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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