Preview audience raves about Dolly’s new dinner theatre show celebrating her families’ adventures

“The guests who have been previewing the show love it,” Parton said. “This is a story about my family that is fun and exciting but there is also a lot of heart.  It’s a sweet story about my parents meeting but it is also an exciting competition between the Owens and the Partons.”  

After the success of Dolly’s NBC movies about her childhood, Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures Dinner and Show will take guests on a journey that ultimately shapes the very beginnings of Dolly’s family – the time her parents met and fell in love.

Guests will enjoy a four-course feast as they watch amazing acrobatic performers display their abilities on trampoline, Chinese poles, aerial silks suspended three stories above the stage and in the amazing Electro-wheel.

Guests can contact the box office at 844-322-4400 for ticketing or visit www.smokymountainadventures.com. Tickets for Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures Dinner and Show are on sale now.

Feedback from our TN correspondent, Mona Brasseaux: “The show was phenomenal-dolly is such a beautiful soul… she discussed how they surpassed their goals in the fundraising effort to help fire victims…. then the show itself, had subtle messages about the community coming together during adversity… it was worked into the storyline, so I wouldn’t want to give it away (spoilers). The food was quintessential southern: fried chicken, biscuit, corn on cob, pulled BBQ pork, iced tea….”

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