The Mears Monopoly – Who’s Involved?

It is common knowledge that Orlando is an unwelcoming location for any transportation options that are not provided by the Mears Group. Uber has been bullied by the city, as well as many private businesses, with the help of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. This is an ongoing battle to advance the transportation monopoly known as Mears.

For Orlando visitors and residents, the option to choose the transportation service that suits each individual’s personal needs is being snatched away by a government and big business that wish to keep the market cornered, rather than engage in fair competition – hardly the American way… at least it’s not supposed to be. 

Tonight, my husband (a driver for Uber) was lured to Renaissance Hotel at Sea World. We can only assume that this ride call was a false one, as many behind the Uber attacks have been known to do. When a potential rider places a request for an Uber ride, a photo of the coming car and driver are provided to that rider. When my husband approached the Renaissance, hotel security was on him in an instant. He was immediately told to leave property. They knew who he was and why he was there. The only reason this could be is if they ordered the ride. My husband was told (before identifying himself or his purpose… before even being given the chance to) that the HOTEL contracts with Mears, and Uber is not allowed on property. My husband complied with no argument, and the moment he turned out of the lot onto a public street, THREE OCSO were waiting to pull him over for trespassing. A little excessive? I think so!

My husband was issued a warning, all of his information was taken down, and he was told he is banned from the property in any capacity. The next time he even sets foot on property, he will be arrested. 

As a local reviewer/ blogger/ social influencer, I had intentions of including the Renaissance in my many hotel reviews. After all, they are a neighbor of mine, and I was looking forward to advancing their brand. Looks like this option is no longer available to me as I don’t see myself staying at a hotel without my husband. Furthermore, I find it impossible to recommend any establishment that denies their guests options they have nothing whatsoever to do with.

Guests considering the Renaissance Hotel should be advised that the hotel is doing this. If you are an Uber user, this hotel will dictate your transportation options. They will disallow you the freedom of choice, and a reasonably priced, modern alternative to Mears’ sub par services. Even worse, they will leave you ignorant to this, with the only assumption being that Uber failed you. This is not the case. As a neighbor to the Renaissance, I now realize why I have been seeing security and OCSO surrounding cars on Academic Drive. These are likely Uber drivers who WITH NO WARNING are being baited in an ongoing entrapment scheme. 

Investigative reporters are now looking into this matter. Stay tuned for updates on the latest! Uber users… keep the momentum going! Use code “GinoS31” for first-time riders (discount) or potential drivers. We are not backing down! Still the smartest game in town, and apparently Orlando can’t handle that.

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