The Orlando Eye Reaches Another Milestone – The Final Capsule Installation

This media event featured a wealth of perspective, as guests were invited to view and photograph the structure from angles that were previously limited to construction work and storage. Upon arrival, the blank space awaiting capsule number 30 was positioned at the top-most point of the wheel. The capsule itself sat at the edge of the construction lot. 

Once the capsule was moved closer to the platform of the Eye, the wheel was rotated to accommodate the new addition. At 1 mph, it is no speed demon, but this provides an idea of the quality of time guests will actually be “in-flight” to absorb the breathtaking views promised from this unparalleled height. 

Once the capsule was lined up perfectly with the arms that will cradle it, workers raised the capsule up for connection. 

General Manager Robin Goodchild was the epitome of a proud papa, as he harnessed up to attach the final bolt. 

As Goodchild boarded a cherry-picker to approach the capsule, he was presented with the “golden bolt”, commemorating completion of this latest construction benchmark.

With a hammer, a large socket wrench, and a couple of enthusiastic thumbs-up, Goodchild dutifully completed his mission.

Following his adventure into the construction process, Goodchild was kind enough to take the time to speak with guests individually, answering questions, and posing for photographs. I had a few curiosities to toss his way, gaining a little more insight into The Orlando Eye, and Goodchild himself. For more on my discussion with Robin Goodchild, as well as a chronicle of facts and progress on The Orlando Eye, tune into Orlando Informer next week!

To see a recap of the final bolt installation at The Orlando Eye, please enjoy this video featuring the event highlights! 

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