The Three Musketeers Voyage Home at Pirate’s Town

Ahoy, matey! Methinks summertime is a great time to set sail on an indoor voyage of epic proportions. Alas, this be not why we’re at Pirate’s Town today. We be here for t’ Three Musketeers! Aye, you read that correctly – thar will be no pirates today… well, maybe a scurvy dog or two. Hold on to your hats, folks, as we prepare for The Three Musketeers: Voyage Home!

The Three Musketeers: Voyage Home is an all-new dinner show located in the Pirate’s Town theater just off of International Drive at Carrier Drive. Joining Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and Treasure Dinner Theatre, Three Musketeers is a feather in the cap of one extraordinary venue. Currently, the performances are on weekends only – Friday and Saturday at 6:00pm, Sunday at 3:30pm. Plan to arrive up to an hour in advance of your scheduled show time to explore the grounds, and enjoy appetizers and drinks with your pre-show entertainment.

The bar and pre-show area are a beautiful start to your voyage. Two fully-stocked bars, a gift shop, photo op, stage, and VIP room welcome guests. If you wish to dress the part, there are plenty of adornments available at the gift shop. You can also opt for face painting to round out your look!

The Buccaneer Bar features a vast supply of specialty themed drinks, ordered by color. For those who feel tropical, I can personally recommend the Blue Pirate and the Purple Pirate to quench your mighty thirst. Options include “buy the shot glass – get a free shot” and “buy the drink – get a free glass”, so you’ve scored a souvenir or two before the show has even begun! Well played, indeed!

Just before start time, enjoy a little pre-show amusement. The lobby stage hosts a fanciful performance featuring some very talented canine companions! D’Artagnan soon takes the stage to set the scene for the epic voyage that awaits before your musketeer hosts begin to call in the crew for boarding.

Although the building is obviously large in size, the exterior does a fine job of hiding just how massive the theater area actually is. 

The theater houses an 18th century Spanish galleon that measures 46 feet long, and 18 feet wide. The ship rests in a permanent lagoon. Although you are indoors, the environment is designed to have the appearance of a brilliantly lit night sky. Seating areas encircle the lagoon, accommodating approximately 150 people very comfortably. Long tables in stadium-styled layout provide spectacular views without obstruction, and guarantee each guest ample room to enjoy the show, and their meal.

Speaking of the meal… not a bad spread at all! These musketeers certainly know how to please their guests! First course includes House Salad or Cream of Vegetable Soup. Dinner entree choices are Roast Chicken Breast and Beef Kabobs (both come with rice and vegetable sides). Round out your feast with Apple Cobbler a la Mode. Iced tea and soft drinks are bottomless, and included with your meal. While this was not the most ample or varied menu amongst the dinner shows we’ve been trying recently, it was better than others, and very tasty! The quality issues I’ve been warned about at dinner shows, once again, did not apply here. 

The show itself was captivating and very well thought-out. It has the authenticity of the magnificent tale it tells, with just enough modern detail to be cleverly appealing to a multi-generational audience. Did I mention that there’s audience participation opportunities? I’m not always a fan of this element because I’m admittedly unskilled at most anything that takes physical ability, coordination, aim, or much anything else outside of the realm of speaking and witty banter, but (as much as I disappointed myself and my representative musketeer), I did love shooting a cannon. Child participants are offered the chance to become honorary musketeers on-board the ship at show’s end – a nice touch that will certainly mark this as a memorable experience to the tiniest adventurers.

D’Artagnan is on a dual mission in this dramatic performance. He wishes to become the fourth musketeer, and he has a fair maiden in distress who commands his heart, and requires his valor. This sets the stage for a flurry of action-packed battle scenes, sprinkled with inspiring romantic detail. 

As D’Artagnan works toward his lofty goals of validation and love, he encounters a slew of elaborately dressed characters that will either help him on his journey, or pose challenging opposition to his triumph. This is where the heart-stopping sword fights and awesome acrobatics begin to unfold.

And while we’re on the topic of acrobatics… the choreography of The Three Musketeers is second-to-none. Whether it’s clashing swords, aerial feats, or fancy footwork, every member of the cast and crew is in perfect sync with every other link on the chain. Performances and audio-visual enhancements are spot-on throughout the entirety of the show. All characters are always in character, and they never once miss a beat. Hands-down, this is the most talented bunch of performers from any local dinner show or recurring theater performance that I have experienced. 

And, it’s much more than sword fights and sheer adventure! The show brilliantly incorporates a unique soundtrack that blends contemporary hits spanning the past three decades. This is that modern angle that adds a little something extra – something engaging that you simply don’t see coming… and it works! The voices that bring these songs to life are impeccable, and the songs are woven into the story in a way that mimics a Broadway performance or blockbuster film. Group dance highlights accompany some tracks, while others feature soft-lighting and heart-felt, singular emotion. During the pre-show, you’re treated to instrumental previews of some of the musical selections. I found this curious during our wait, and it was a gripping touch when brought to life on ship… er, stage.

Without giving away all of the finer details of the show, suffice it to say that this voyage is a rollercoaster of emotions and intrigue. There is no slow point, and there is no disappointment. The Three Musketeers will leave you wanting more, and likely craving a taste of Pirate’s Town’s other original shows. This is one venue that gives you a reason to return again and again. Children 3-12 are priced at $39.45; adults are $65.95. Deals are easy to come by for discounted admission as well. 

Enjoy some clips of the show-stopping musical numbers, and the masterful finale medley from The Three Musketeers: Voyage Home…

For more information on The Three Musketeers, visit them on Facebook or Twitter!

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