Treasure Tavern at Pirate’s Town

If you’re looking for something completely beyond the norm for Orlando – you’ve found it! A brilliant mix of song, dance, comedy, and acrobatics… this is something entirely different. Welcome to Treasure Tavern!

Madame Gretta welcomes you to her one-of-a-kind European-style variety show. You won’t find Mickey Mouse here (well… not really), and there’s no epic displays by young wizards, but there’s no shortage of magic. Unlike most Orlando amusements, Treasure Tavern doesn’t claim to be family-friendly. It’s all about the grown-ups, and this is the singular factor that guarantees you’re in for something unique!

Lovely ladies, risque jokes, stunning displays of physical dynamics, and improv routines combine to create an all-original stage show that’s sure to leave everyone in stitches… and perhaps even blushing on occasion. You never know when you’ll become part of the show – and you never know what they have in store for you when you do! Madame Gretta’s cast of characters will leave you guessing at every turn. Go ahead and play along! We’re all adults here, after all. A couple words of warning – ladies, hold onto your purses, and be prepared to loosen the leash on your men! 

Madame Gretta is joined by Rob and Grift, two unshakable chaps with a knack for shtick. Along with the fabulous “Jewels”, they provide an evolution of quick-change routines and non-stop surprises. The multi-talented Jewels (Sapphire, Jade, Amethyst, Amber, Ruby, and the adorably wacky Jinx) are always on their toes – whether they’re dazzling the audience from the stage, or dancing their way across the dining room to serve your meal, course by delectable course. That’s right – this show includes a palate pleasing dinner, delivered by creative performance! On the menu: broccoli and cheese soup, fresh tossed salad,  choice of entree (beef tenderloin, roasted chicken, or vegetarian lasagna), and cheesecake. Did I mention that there’s a full liquor bar? 

The intimate theater features a comfortable dining room, and there’s not a bad seat in the house! It’s cozy, charming, and full of character (and I don’t just mean the “characters” on stage). Speaking of the stage, the performance platform rises and lowers throughout the show – a creative touch that helps to keep the audience close to the action, regardless of seating location. You won’t miss a beat in this theater!

Treasure Tavern is located within Pirate’s Town, which is also home to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and the new Three Musketeers: The Voyage Home. Each of these shows has a very unique theme, but they’re all equally high quality. I recently attended the Three Musketeers show, and I have to admit… this set a very high expectation for my Treasure Tavern experience. To my delight, exceptional performance is simply the standard for the range of Pirate’s Town shows. At the risk of being repetitive, this is talent beyond measure, and the diverse range of skills these artists display is just mind-blowing. If you think you’ve seen it all… you ain’t seen nothing yet!

New this summer, Treasure Tavern is putting a clever twist on some famous faces with their new show-stopping “Celebrity Flash”, a mash-up featuring seven performers in a rapid-fire parody characterization of more than 40 well-known celebrities from around the world. You never know who will cross the stage in this spectacle of spectacular hilarity! Here’s a sneak peek…

Treasure Tavern is open Tuesday through Saturday, with one performance nightly at 8PM. Doors open one hour prior to showtime. Arrive early to mingle, drink, and enjoy the atmosphere of this charming little den of delight. Tickets are $65.95 – and they’re worth every single penny! Check the Treasure Tavern website for special offers. As if all of these options weren’t tempting enough, Pirate’s Town is adding yet another new show to the rotation beginning in July. Cirque Magique will be a family-friendly “mysterious circus themed show”, featuring circus performers from around the world. Cirque Magique will offer performances six days a week, including a Sunday matinee, in the Treasure Tavern theater. This is certain to be a grand slam in a series of home runs for Pirate’s Town. Don’t miss your chance to catch any of these fantastic performances. Pirate’s Town is undoubtedly a venue to visit time and time (and time and time) again!

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