Guests can now see walrus calves on habitat at Wild Arctic

Orlando, Fla. (April 23, 2018) – Today Ginger and Aku, two young walrus calves, were introduced to the walrus habitat inside Wild Arctic at SeaWorld Orlando. The revamped space will provide guests the opportunity to view Ginger and Aku from multiple angles both above and below water. The popular exhibit is also home to two adult Pacific walruses, Garfield and Kaboodle. Guests will have the opportunity to see both the walrus calves and adult walruses throughout the day as they rotate use of the habitat.

Ginger and Aku were introduced to each other last year after Aku was rescued from a gold mining dredge off the coast of Alaska. Ginger was born at SeaWorld Orlando in June of last year. Ginger’s age and suitability as a social companion combined with SeaWorld’s expertise in raising orphaned walrus calves played a significant role in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) decision to send Aku to Orlando.

For park operating hours and additional information, guests can visit www.seaworldorlando.com. Learn more about Aku and Ginger by visiting the SeaWorld Orlando Blog.

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