Dawn is a marketing and PR pro, having worked for nearly 20 years in the music and television industry before shifting gears to focus on travel and tourism. Entertainment in a broad scope is still her passion, and she intertwines her love of pop culture and travel seamlessly in her contributions to Ready Explorer. She has written for a number of magazines and newspapers, as well as Yahoo.com and About.com, as well as lending her promotional talents to a variety of musicians and actors/actresses. She has a genuine enthusiasm for entertainment and the Central Florida region. When not working on CSO, she devotes her skills directly to marketing and PR for various attractions and tourist venues.


Gino handles web design and the technical end of the site. In addition, he takes care of the majority of photo, video and audio editing work as well as serving in the capacity of cameraman. He has worked with websites before most people knew there was any such thing as the internet. With almost 30 years of experience in IT and creative design, he is the go-to guy when something doesn’t look quite right or just stops working. Gino has a knack for looking at things from an angle that nobody else notices and brings a unique view to many of the great experiences central Florida has to offer. Gino has a large variety of interests but loves classic cinema, music from the 1940’s - 1970’s, classic cars and is a huge history buff.


Sierra is a fan of pop culture, crafts, antiques, anime, animal rights, and music. She shares her input on cultural events, theater, conventions, nature and animal exhibits, fashion, and shopping - among other focus areas. Sierra has a strong following on Tumblr, sharing her views and understanding of modern trends and feminine interests. When not working on Ready Explorer projects, Sierra spends her time creating jewelry, home decor, and sketch art. Sierra is a retail professional in the Orlando area. Sierra contributes a youthful perspective on Ready Explorer reviews, as well as photography skills.


Tony is the ultimate fanboy. He stays well-informed on gaming and pop culture trends. Tony contributes to Ready Explorer's convention and event coverage through interviews and photography. A fan of anime, video games, television, horror, and modern trends, Tony provides a valuable teen perspective. The highlight of his Ready Explorer contributions thus far is interviewing Greg Nicotero and other members of The Walking Dead ​ cast.