chirma devi waterfall - Thane

Chirma Devi Waterfall

Chirma Devi Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. It is situated in the Yeoor Hills, about 2 hours away from Mumbai by car. The waterfall is about 30 feet high and cascades down into a natural pool at the bottom. The pool is surrounded by lush green trees and rocks, making it a perfect spot for a picnic or a swim.

chirma devi waterfall

The trek to the waterfall is relatively easy and takes about 30 minutes from the base of the hills. There are a few steps to climb along the way, but the path is well-maintained and easy to follow.

The best time to visit Chirma Devi Waterfall is during the monsoon season (June to September), when the waterfall is at its fullest. However, the waterfall is also beautiful during the winter months (October to February), when the water is clear and refreshing.

Mini information about Chirma Devi Waterfall:

  • Location: Yeoor Hills, Thane district, Maharashtra, India
  • Distance from Mumbai: 65 km
  • Distance from Pune: 180 km
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Height of waterfall: 30 feet
  • Best time to visit: Monsoon season (June to September)

Things to do at Chirma Devi Waterfall:

  • Take a swim in the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall.
  • Go for a picnic under the trees.
  • Enjoy the scenic views of the Yeoor Hills.
  • Visit the Chirma Devi Temple, which is located near the waterfall.

Tips for visiting Chirma Devi Waterfall:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will need to do a bit of walking to reach the waterfall.
  • Carry water and snacks, as there are no shops near the waterfall.
  • Be careful while swimming in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, as the rocks can be slippery.
  • Respect the natural environment and do not litter.

 Nearby attraction at Chirma Devi Waterfall:

  • Go for a hike in the Yeoor Hills, There are several trails to choose from, ranging from easy to challenging.
  • Visit the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is located just a few kilometers away from Chirma Devi Waterfall. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including leopards, sloth bears, and monkeys.
  • Visit the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is also located nearby. The sanctuary is home to a variety of birds, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Visit the Tungareshwar Caves, which are a series of Hindu temples located in the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The caves are said to be over 1,000 years old.